Trivia question

We are certainly in the Christmas season! The world around us stretches that season as long as possible for financial gain. Christians celebrate Christmas because of Christ, our Mediator and Redeemer. How many of the New Testament gospel writers tell of the birth of Jesus? Answer later in this column.

Evangelism activities

At Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA this year’s Reformation lecture by Rev. R. Kleyn was on the subject, “The Canons of Dort: Defending and Defining Grace.” This topic was chosen in connection with the 400-year anniversary of the Great Synod of Dort at which the Canons were written and adopted.

From the bulletin of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI we find this interesting note:

A group of men from our congregation visit the Kent County Jail to hold a short chapel service with inmates there. Two men go each time and they read, pray, teach, and answer questions that the inmates have. They go once every other month, as we are not the only church group who does this. These men ask that you keep them, as well as the Christian inmates, in your prayers.

Young people’s activities

The Crete young people once again sold the Simple Qpon books to raise money for the 2019 Young People’s Convention. The young people called on those in the congregation to take orders. Each coupon book sold for $20 and contains coupons for local restaurants, fast food, bakeries, arcades/fun centers, bowling alleys, car washes, ice cream shops, and much more.

The young people in Randolph, WI sold delicious sub-sandwiches as a fundraiser, and those at Bethel PRC sold scrumptious egg rolls. Mmm!

The young people in Pittsburgh PRC hosted a chili cook-off recently on a Friday night. Members of the congregation submitted pots of their finest chili, the young people served as judges, and all left happy and filled! A free will offering was taken for the young people there.

This announcement was placed in the bulletin of the Doon, IA PRC:

The Young People’s Society invites the adults of the congregation to their Car Challenge scheduled for Saturday, November 24. If you like adventure, scavenger hunts, teamwork, a contest, and good food, this event is for you! You may pre-arrange your team of 4-6 people or just show up at church at 10:00 a.m., and we will be sure you are added to a team. Hope to see you there!

As one young adult put it: “I had a blast!”

Congregational activities

The Building Committee of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD scheduled a fall cleanup day at church on a Saturday in November. They were busy raking leaves, trimming trees, and doing a deep clean inside the church building. Many hands were needed, and all were encouraged to participate in the up-keep of the church property that God has graciously given them.

The Council of Georgetown PRC sent a delegation of Pastor and Mary Haak and Joel and Ellen Bruinooge to the PRC of Vellore, India for a three-week visit (Nov. 7-27). Pastor Haak was to lead seminars on the doctrine of eschatology for area pastors and students of the Sola Gratia Academy, conduct classes in the Tamil and English congregations on the covenant family, preach on the Lord’s Day, meet with the PRC of Vellore Council, and make visits to the members of the congregation and the children of Grace Foster Home. We pray for a blessing upon the word of truth to the hearts of many.

The Activities Committee at Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI planned an evening of bowling at Hudsonville Lanes. Members of the congregation met later at church for light refreshments and fun. We wonder what the high bowling score was? Sure sounds like a fun night!

In Randolph, WI their annual Fellowship Supper was held recently at Randolph Public School gym.

Mission activities

Rev. Daniel Holstege recently accompanied Rev. Vernon Ibe to the Philippine Island of Leyte. The PCRP mission group, the Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Albuera, is located in the city of Albuera, Leyte. Pastors and elders of the PRCP are making more regular visits to Leyte to preach there and help the fellowship in other ways. May God continue to bless the spread of the mystery of the gospel of Christ in that far away land.

Seminary activities

Do you know that four-hundred years ago, on November 13, 1618, the Synod of Dordt began and did not conclude until nearly six months and 180 meetings later? Are you familiar with the history that led to that lengthy synod? Do you know about the weekly events that occurred during that great synod? Join the blog at to follow that history and be informed in light of the PRC seminary’s conference on April 25–27, 2019. Remember that the conference includes a writing contest with great prizes! Sign up and submit your essay by January 15 at

Young adult activities

The Loveland Young Adults Retreat is scheduled to occur March 18-21, 2019 at the YMCA. The speakers will be Rev. S. Key and Rev. R. Van Overloop. The theme is “Ambassadors for Christ,” taken from the text II Corinthians 5:20.

Trivia answer

Only Matthew and Luke recount the story of Jesus’ birth.