Report of Classis West 

On December 13, Classis West held a special meeting in Randolph, Wisconsin, to examine Mr. Kenneth Koole, who had recently accepted the call to the Randolph Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. G. Lanting presided over this meeting of Classis. 

The examination was conducted by ten ministers and ten elders of Classis West, in the presence of three delegates of Synod from Classis East: Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. G. VanBaren, and Rev. R. VanOverloop. In keeping with Article 4 of the Church Order, Classis examined Mr. Koole in Dogmatics; Practical qualifications; Knowledge of Scripture; Knowledge of the confessions; and Controversy. Mr. Koole also preached a full sermon before Classis on Proverbs 3:5, 6: “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” 

With the concurrence of the synodical delegates from Classis East, Classis unanimously approved the examination and advised Randolph to proceed with Mr. Koole’s ordination. 

After he was informed of Classis’ decision and congratulated by the president, Mr. Koole heard the Formula of Subscription read and signed it in the presence of Classis. Classis then sang the doxology, “May the grace of Christ the Savior.” Rev. Kortering led Classis in a prayer of thanksgiving, after which the delegates and visitors congratulated the candidate and his wife individually. 

The Classis thanks God for this gift of a pastor for His Church. 

Prior to adjournment, early Tuesday evening, Rev. Lanting expressed to Rev. VanOverloop, soon to leave for New Zealand, that the Classis prays for God’s blessing upon him, his family, and his work in New Zealand. 

Since the special Classis was held in Randolph, the March 1, 1978 meeting of Classis will be held in South Holland, Illinois, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West

The Consistory of Randolph had arranged that Mr. Koole be ordained in a special worship service of the Randolph congregation, the evening of December 13. The delegates of Classis and the synodical delegates from the East attended as a body. 

Rev. J. Kortering, a former pastor of Mr. Koole, led the congregation in the opening parts of the service and in the congregational prayer. The counselor of Randolph, Rev. D. Engelsma, preached the sermon—”Preach the Word,” from II Timothy 4:1-4. Rev. G. Lubbers, also a former pastor of the ordained, read the form of ordination and ordained Mr. Koole. Rev. G. Lanting, the young man’s untie, exhorted the ordained minister and the congregation. 

This is always a moving service, particularly the young man’s answer to the questions concerning his calling, his belief of the Word, and his faithfulness in his office, “Yes, truly, with all my heart;” the laying on of hands by several ministers; and the conclusion of the service by the Rev. Koole’s pronouncing the benediction upon the congregation. 

As the prayer in the form of ordination expresses, may God qualify Rev. Koole by the Holy Spirit; may the Randolph congregation becomingly deport themselves towards their minister; and may we all bless our merciful Father for providing the Church with a faithful minister. 


Rev. David Engelsma of South Holland, Illinois, declined the call extended to him by First Church in Grand Rapids to be their pastor.