Trivia question

Which PRCA congregation is located in a capital city? Answer later in this column.

Sister-church news

From the July 15 bulletin of the Grandville PRC in Michigan we hear this significant news: “Council reminds the congregation of our acceptance of Synod’s appointment to be the calling church for the minister on loan (MOL) to Singapore. At our recent meeting we formed a trio consisting of Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. S. Key and Rev. R. Kleyn. We have scheduled a congregational meeting for August 5, 2018, directly following our evening service, to vote for one from among these men to receive the call to serve as MOL for our sister church in Singapore. May the Lord of the church bless this endeavor for the glory of his name.” Concerning that report, we may give this update: At that congregational meeting, Rev. R. Kleyn received the call.

Evangelism activities

Prof. R. Cammenga, Rev. R. Kleyn, and Rev. C. Griess traveled to Mexico City July 24 to give speeches for and make contact with Presbyterian church members and church leaders in that part of Mexico during the span of two weeks. The people they met were from two denominations of Presbyterian churches, along with the professors and students of John Calvin University, who are striving to be faithful to their Reformed heritage. Doner Bartolon, who is from Mexico and who intends to start seminary training in the PRC seminary in 2019, is the means by which God has allowed for this contact. Doner was born and raised in the Reformed faith in Mexico and has since become convicted of Protestant Reformed doctrine. First PRC (Grand Rapids) sponsored the trip as an investigative endeavor. In addition to preaching two Sundays, five different conferences were held on subjects such as the covenant, Calvinism, the history and doctrines of the PRC, and sexual ethics (youth conference).

Young people’s activities

In the Lynden, WA bulletin in July we find this item: “The Western Young People’s Retreat, held this past week in eastern Idaho, was a huge success! Young people and families from Lynden, Spokane, Loveland, Edmonton, and Lacombe attended the retreat. Rev. Regnerus and Rev. Kleyn spoke on the theme of ‘Communion with God’ from Psalm 63. Speeches and discussion groups focused on how to improve one’s personal devotions. What an encouraging and spiritually uplifting week it was! What a blessing it is to see our young people enjoy good fellowship together and also display a serious desire to live their faith and walk closer with their God. We thank our covenant God for His many blessings!” And at the time of this writing, the annual Young People’s Convention, held at the Lake Geneva Christian Center at Alexandria, MN is just around the corner. In addition to the speeches and profitable discussions, we are sure the conventioneers are looking forward to the Hawaiian Luau banquet! Hopefully, we will have more about the convention in the next issue. [The reporter is a chaperone.]

Congregational activities

The congregation of Randolph, WI PRC plans to celebrate their 75th anniversary on August 25. A congregational picture was taken recently and a special commemorative booklet is being produced.

Missionary activities

Rev. Daniel Kleyn wrote to inform us about the tropical storms that included monsoon rains passing through the Philippines. He reported eleven inches of rain in a week, with five inches in one night. All the schools in Manila were cancelled for the day due to local flooding. Extremely high humidity exists in those conditions!

Classis activities

At the request of Heritage PRC (and Doon PRC), the Classical Committee of Classis West changed the date for the meeting of Classis West to August 29. It had previously been scheduled for September 26. Also, at the request of Heritage PRC, the location was changed. Peace PRC hosted the August 29 meeting of Classis where Pastor-elect Jonathan Langerak was examined, while Heritage PRC will host Classis on March 6, 2019, the Lord willing. Pastor-elect Langerak’s ordination and installation service was scheduled for Friday, August 31, 2018 at 7 p.m. at Heritage PRC, with the service to be conducted by Rev. Rodney Kleyn. Throughout the summer Pastor-elect Langerak kept busy supplying various pulpits in the churches of Classis West and in Limerick.

School activities

The Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian School Society recently approved a plan to renovate the basement of the church building nearby to add three additional classrooms. The congregation also approved this project. Fundraising is underway for future expansion and growth. The need for additional space for the education of covenant children is a good problem to have! May God continue to bless our schools!

Trivia answer

To our knowledge, the only PRCA congregation located in a capital city is the First PRC of Edmonton, Al­berta, Canada. The city of Edmonton itself has a population of about one million, with the metropolitan area numbering almost 1.5 million people. Edmonton is list­ed as Alberta’s second largest city, and the fifth largest in Canada. Edmonton is North America’s northernmost area with a population of over one million and residents of Edmonton are known as Edmontonians. Edmonton is also home to North America’s largest shopping mall, the West Edmonton Mall, which was the world’s largest mall from 1981-2004. There’s your geography lesson for today! More trivia next time.