Trivia question

According to the PRC Acts of Synod, which Protestant Reformed Church in Classis West has been served by the greatest number of different ministers? If you know how many, you are a trivia whiz! Answer later in this column. Attention young men Young Men’s Conference: Advance notice for highschool and college-age young men—April 28, 8 a.m.-12 noon at Georgetown PRC. The theme is “Run, Fight, Lead.” Congregational activities Members at Southeast PRC in Michigan had opportunity to attend a sledding party at Mines Golf Course on a Saturday in January from 2-4 p.m. Barbeque, hot dogs, and hot chocolate were provided, and many brought snacks to share. All ages enjoyed the fun, including the young and the young at heart!

The congregation at Pittsburgh, PA PRC held its monthly fellowship dinner in mid-January.

From the bulletin of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD we learn that

Thursday, February 8, was reserved for a lecture at the church by Mr. Ron Klaasen of the Trinitarian Bible Society entitled: “What are the differences between the King James Version and Modern Translations of the Bible?”

The congregation at Hope PRC in Grand Rapids is looking forward to a new organ installation this Spring.

The Council of Randolph, WI PRC informed the congregation that the building project loan for their sanctuary addition that was taken out in 2009 has been paid in full! They expressed thanksgiving for generous giving and God’s blessing upon their congregation. Randolph congregation also plans to celebrate their 75th anniversary on August 25 with a special program to be held at the church. A commemorative booklet of pictures and history is planned. An exciting time in Randolph!

Evangelism activities

The Evangelism Committee of Southwest PRC has produced a new booklet entitled: “Keeping the Sword Drawn, Our Calling as the Church of the Militant Christ” by author Rev. Brian Huizinga. Look for copies in your church or contact SW PRC for one.

Young people’s activities

The Edgerton, MN PRC young people hosted the annual Christmas singspiration of the Siouxland area churches, as they do each year. Many from Iowa and South Dakota made the trip to balmy Edgerton to raise high the praises of our God. Due to ever-increasing crowds in recent years, this singspiration was held in the neighboring First Reformed Church of Edgerton. It accommodated the good crowd well, the singing was uplifting, and refreshments and fellowship followed. The roads were much better than last year. We look forward to next Christmas and the experience it will bring.

Planning is already in the works for the 2019 PR Young People’s Convention, as the steering committee of Southwest PRC planned to meet January 24.

Minister activities

On January 7 Rev. Cory Griess, pastor at Calvary PRC of Hull, IA announced his acceptance of the call extended to him from First PRC of Grand Rapids, MI. Rev. Griess had been in his first charge at Calvary, and was also their first pastor. We are thankful that God made it clear to Rev. Griess that it was time to move from Iowa to Michigan. Rev. Griess planned to preach his farewell in Calvary on January 28 with a farewell program and refreshments following. The Griess family planned to move to Michigan in late January. Rev. Griess still planned to visit the Philippines on behalf of the Foreign Mission Committee in mid-February, when the next delegation from Doon PRC and the FMC was scheduled to travel there.

The Council of Calvary PRC subsequently announced a trio consisting of Candidate Dave Noorman, along with Rev. Brian Huizinga and Rev. Jonathan Mahtani. On January 21 Rev. B. Huizinga received this call.

Southwest PRC received a letter of acceptance from Candidate David Noorman on January 28.

Denominational activities

Classis East met January 9 in Hudsonville, MI PRC. At the meeting an overture was adopted; two appeals were declared not legally before Classis as the matters were not finished in the minor assembly. Classis will reconvene on February 28 to deal with another appeal, providing the committee of pre-advice time to formulate advice. Classis provided classical appointments for First GR and Southwest. Classis elected synodical delegates, synodical deputies, church visitors, and a member of the Classical Committee. Subsidy requests for Pittsburgh, Providence, and Wingham were approved. The May 9 meeting of Classis East will be held at Faith PRC. [For more details, see the stated clerk’s report in this issue.]

Sister-church activities

Candidate D. Noorman concluded his visit to and work in Singapore in January. Emeritus minister Rev. Arie denHartog planned to take up his labors there soon after for an extended period of time. May God bless our sister congregation in her vacancy. And we thank the Lord that these men might be used there during this period.

What follows is a short letter printed in the Limerick Post (Ireland) in January:

While Mr. _______ (Limerick Post, Jan. 6) mocks Christian beliefs, claiming that Christians believe in a “magic Jew” called Jesus, Christians proclaim the good news of salvation which Jesus, the Son of God, has accomplished for sinners through His atoning death on the cross and glorious resurrection from the dead. The message of Jesus is good news for all those who believe in Him, for it gives believers joy and peace through the forgiveness of sins, and removes the fear of death. If a man like the Apostle Paul, who persecuted Christians before he encountered the Risen Lord, received mercy, even someone who mocks the Son of God as “a magic Jew” can find mercy in the way of repentance and faith. I doubt that Mr. _______ would publicly mock, or that the Limerick Post would print the mockery of, other religions. However, far from desiring to censor him, I welcome the opportunity to engage with him on the topic of Jesus.

Submitted by Martyn McGeown, Limerick Reformed Fellowship.

LRF is a mission field of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Northern Ireland. The City of Limerick is located in the Ennis region of the Republic of Ireland. Not Northern Ireland.

Trivia answer

There is a tie. It seems the congregations at Doon, Iowa and Edgerton, Minnesota are both enjoying their 14th different pastor. More trivia next time.