Rev. Kenneth Koole has declined the call he received from our congregation in Redlands, California. Their new trio includes Rev. Richard Moore, Rev. James Slopsema, and Rev. Gise Van Baren. Rev. Schipper, one of our “retired” ministers, plans to preach for the Redlands congregation during the months of April and May. Since there are more pulpits than ministers to fill them in our denomination, our retired ministers have been of great help in bringing the lively preaching of the holy gospel to many of our pulpits from week to week. 

Professor Herman Hanko has declined the call he received from our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan. 

Rev. George Lubbers has made a good recovery from his surgery in early March, so much so that he was able to preach in First Church on Good Friday and to lead an Easter Chapel in our South Holland, Illinois, Christian School on March 31. 

Rev. Robert Harbach has made a good recovery from the eye surgery he underwent in March. Rev. Harbach has always been able to describe many conditions with quotes from the Scriptures. He describes his own condition as follows: “He who formed the eye” (Psalm 94:9) makes “the eyes of the blind see out of obscurity . . .” (Isaiah 19:18). 

Rev. and Mrs. Ronald Cammenga were blessed with the birth of a baby boy, Charles Mark, on March 29. Rev. Cammenga is the pastor of our church in Hull, Iowa. 

Rev. Ronald Van Overloop is laboring in Birmingham, Alabama, as home missionary. He reported to his calling church, South Holland, Illinois recently. Rev. Van Overloop holds preaching services twice every Sunday as well as midweek Bible study. He is able to call upon persons outside of the group that meets regularly. He has begun distributing cassette tapes and R.F.P.A. publications to interested persons. He is ready to begin a weekly fifteen-minute radio broadcast over a local station. He also spoke of his need for our prayers “That utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth, boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel.” 

Word has also been received from our missionary in Singapore. Rev. den Hartog writes, “We are having a blessed time here. There is much work to do and the work is going well. We will soon be sending a report to the Standard Bearer. The worship services are attended by more than 100 young people each Lord’s Day. I am teaching four catechism classes. There is a real measure of love for the Reformed Faith, and a knowledge of it. There is also an earnest desire to grow in it.” 

Rev. den Hartog’s address is: 

Rev. & Mrs. Arie den Hartog 

32D Block C Pacific Mansion 

River Valley Close 

Singapore 0923 

Republic of Singapore 

Rev. Rodney Miersma, pastor of our church in Pella, Iowa, spent the month of April in Bradenton, Florida, preaching there at the request of First Church in Grand Rapids. Attendance at services there was reported to be as many as 70 souls. In the absence of Rev. Miersma, Rev. George Lanting preached for the congregation in Pella. 

Rev. John Heys, pastor of our church in Holland, Michigan, is retiring this year. He has scheduled his farewell sermons for June 1. 

Our Holland congregation has sold their present church parsonage. The present schedule calls for turning over the house to its new owners in early June. Plans for the construction of a new parsonage are now being made. 

Rev. Hanko reports in the bulletin of our Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey, that the walls are up and the roof on their new church building. 

A special congregational meeting was held in our church in Hull, Iowa on March 10 to revise the budget due to the increase in Synodical assessments. The congregation also approved the purchase of a model 523 organ from the Associated Organ Builders. 

Two public lectures were scheduled in Hull during April. Rev. David Engelsma was to speak on “Reprobation, Is It Reformed?” on April 18, and Rev. Ronald Cammenga planned to speak on “The Foolishness of Preaching” on April 25. 

The Reformed Witness Committee of our churches in Doon, Hull, and Edgerton, has decided to take up labors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

The Spring Meeting of the Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ League was held on Wednesday, April 9 in our Hudsonville Church. Professor Decker spoke on “The Signs of the Times.” The young people in Michigan had a Easter Mass Meeting in Hope Church, led by the Kalamazoo young people. Kalamazoo’s pastor, Rev. Woudenberg, spoke. 

A Spring Lecture is scheduled for May 8 in South Christian High School in Cutlerville, Michigan.