Geography Facts

Alas, in the November 15, 2016 issue, this column incorrectly placed the Limerick Reformed Fellowship in Northern Ireland. Shame on us! Did our readers notice? Those in Limerick certainly did! With a smile, some questioned our knowledge of the geography of their region. And rightfully so. You see, the Limerick Reformed Fellowship, a mission congregation of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Northern Ireland is in the Republic of Ireland, a different country. Not Northern at all! Due apologies rendered and a pledge to visit them some day to see their beautiful country!

Trivia Question

While we are discussing geography, here is a trivia question for our readers: Can you name the northernmost PRC located in the USA? And the southernmost? (Answers later in this column.)

Mission Activities

Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kleyn recently experienced the effects of an earthquake in the Antipolo area of the Philippines. For about 10 seconds the floor was shaking and items on the table were rattling. No significant damage occurred. Those in our church in Redlands, CA can relate. It is possible that none of our other PRC locations experience such quakes. So you need to visit Redlands or metro Manila to make such an experience a reality.

At the request of the Domestic Mission Committee of our churches Rev. Heath Bleyenberg spent about a week in Franklin, PA for the exploration of a potential mission work there. A small group of families desires the true preaching of the Word, and there may be other interested families in the area. Rev. Bleyenberg visited with many of the families and preached for them on December 11. Other ministers are scheduled to travel to Franklin in the coming months. How exciting that God may be opening a door of opportunity in this part of the country!

Minister Activities

On December 11 Rev. Allen Brummel, pastor at Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD announced his decline of the call extended to him by First PRC of Holland, indicating God’s will to have him remain at Heritage. We pray that God may also supply the congregation at Holland with their own pastor soon.

Southwest PRC in Wyoming, MI called Rev. Garrett Eriks, pastor at Hudsonville, MI PRC to be their next pastor.

Rev. Rodney Kleyn, pastor at Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA, announced his decline of the call extended to him by the congregation at Doon, IA to be the third missionary to the Republic of the Philippines. We give thanks for God’s guidance and ask His blessing on Rev. Kleyn’s continued work in Spokane.

Congregational Activities

Supporters of Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA recently sponsored a doubles ping-pong tournament accompanied by a delicious lunch, with proceeds to the school.

Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI installed soundboards in their narthex, repaired ceiling drywall, and provided their janitors with a new vacuum recently.

The annual Christmas singspiration hosted by Edgerton, MN PRC young people for the five Siouxland churches was postponed due to extreme cold on December 18. That morning the air temperature registered -23F, while our brothers and sisters in the Philippines experienced an air temperature in the mid 80’s with the normal humidity, so that Prof. R. Dykstra and Rev. G. Eriks (the delegation sent by the Contact Committee) became “sticky” from their ten-minute walk to the Kleyn residence in Antipolo.

School Activities

Covenant Christian High School invited everyone in the area to enjoy the annual Christmas Band and Choir Concert on Saturday, December 17 at Jenison Center for the Arts. Two performances were held as the band and four choirs celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Sister-Church Activities

On December 11, our sister church in Singapore, Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, voted to call Emmanuel Singh as missionary to Kolkata, India. Emmanuel planned to answer this call on or before January 1. His installation was scheduled for Sunday, January 8, pending the acceptance of the call, according to the Lord’s will. This call represents another door the Lord has opened to CERC to preach the gospel in Kolkata. Pray for Emmanuel and for CERC as they labor in these corners of Christ’s kingdom.

From Covenant PRC of Northern Ireland: “Now with the installation of a hearing loop in our sanctuary any physical impediment to hearing the Word of God has been lessened!”

Young People’s Activities

The dates have been announced for the 2017 annual PRC Young People’s Convention. The event will take place at the Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI. The host church is First PRC of Holland, MI and the dates are August 7-11, 2017.

God’s Assurance

Eight-year-old MJ from Provident Christian Church in Marikina, Philippines told Sharon Kleyn that she used to get scared, but now she doesn’t anymore because she learned God is omnipresent. A beautiful confession from a young daughter! And the assurance of all of God’s people in any situation in life.

Trivia Answers

The northernmost PRC congregation located in the USA is the one in Lynden, WA while the southernmost congregation is Hope PRC in Redlands, CA. More trivia next time.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.