Minister Activities

Pittsburgh PRC formed a trio consisting of Revs. W. Bruinsma, C. Griess, and R. Kleyn from which to call a first pastor. On July 10 the congregation voted to extend a call to Rev. Bruinsma to be their minister. Our God and Father, the King of His church, led Rev. Bruinsma to accept this call. We rejoice with the congregation in Pittsburgh upon hearing this good news! May God bless our newest sister as we go forward!

On Sunday, July 17, the congregation of First PRC in Holland, MI extended a call to Rev. Cory Griess, pastor at Calvary PRC in Hull, IA, to be their next minister. On August 7 Rev. Griess announced that God had led him to decline this call. We are thankful to God for revealing His will to Rev. Griess, and we continue to remember the congregation at Holland as they seek another minister of their own.

The congregation of Doon, IA PRC voted on July 24 to extend a call for a third missionary to the Philippines. From the trio of Revs. A. Brummel, C. Griess, and B. Huizinga the call was sent to Rev. Cory Griess, who now must consider his current call at Calvary PRC along with the call to the mission field of the Philippines. May God grant a clear indication of His will to Rev. Griess.

Young Adult Activities

The Lynden, WA PRC is planning on hosting a Young Adult’s retreat July 3-6, 2017 in northwest Washington. Updates, contact, and registration information will be made available at and at their retreat Facebook page.

Meanwhile, this year’s Midwest Young Adult Retreat took place from August 15-19 at the Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp, sponsored by Calvary PRC in Hull, IA. The theme from Psalm 19:1, “The Heavens Declare the Glory,” was to include speeches by Rev. C. Griess and Rev. J. Engelsma, with many activities planned for the week.

Sister-Church Activities

Prof. R. Dykstra and his wife Carol spent seven weeks in Singapore this summer, laboring in and enjoying the fellowship of Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church there. From the “Pastoral Voice” segment of the CERC bulletin we take the following, written by Prof. Dykstra to the congregation there:

But my answer [Has CERC changed?] was also “No.” From the point of view of CERC’s love for, and commitment to the truths of sovereign, particular grace, to the doctrine of God’s gracious, unconditional covenant, to the blessedness and biblical requirement of marriage for life—indeed, all the doctrines of the Scriptures as summarized in the Reformed Confessions—has CERC changed? Not one mm. That is the change that I am most interested in. Yes, I found new faces and new relationships. I see two new officebearers about to be installed. I see families being established and marriages on the horizon. But fundamentally, CERC has not changed. On account of that, we can take our leave of CERC with happy hearts. Our question this past week was: How could seven weeks fly by so quickly? And the answer is: you made it happen. Your astounding hospitality and Christian love have swept us along in these weeks in a whirlwind of activity and blessed covenant fellowship that make us grateful to God once again for the privilege of knowing you, returning to you, and serving you for a little time.

Missionary Activities

Missionary-pastor Daniel Kleyn and his wife Sharon returned in late July to the metro Manila sub-division of Beverly Hills near Antipolo City. Rev. Kleyn commented that the furlough in the USA went well and was enjoyable and relaxing; and, thus, they were refreshed. They were also encouraged by the obvious support for the work among those they visited in the States. “It is good to be home and getting back into the swing of things here.”

On August 13 a “Mission Awareness Morning” was held at Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI. The purpose was to give thanks for 75 years of the Reformed Witness Hour radio broadcast and to spread awareness of developments in the mission fields of the PRC. The keynote address “Your Labor Is Not in Vain” was presented by Rev. Rodney Kleyn. Presentations on the Philippines, Pittsburgh (home missions), and India took place. A great reminder that God gathers His church from every tribe and nation!

Young People’s Activities

The annual Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention took place August 8-12 at Lake Williamson, IL, with Grace PRC and Wingham PRC serving as the sponsoring churches and using the theme “Contentment in an Age of Entitlement.” The pre-convention singspiration was held at Fair Haven Church (Jenison, MI) on August 7 and buses left for Lake Williamson (a 7-hour drive) early the next morning. Nearly 450 young people and chaperones were in attendance! A great way to promote fellowship among the youth of our denomination!

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism committee of Grace PRC in Standale, MI informed the congregation with enthusiasm of a new Bible study they are organizing, as they reach out to the communities in and around Spring Lake, MI. The first Bible study is scheduled for September 20.

Congregational Activities

First PRC of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada recently organized their annual church hike in Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park. Just the name makes one want to hike there! We hope Rev. Marcus and the gang took their bear spray and GPS units!

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3