Evangelism Activities

In conjunction with the issue published on April 15 on the subject of “Reformed Marriage,” we draw attention to a recent tract the evan­gelism committee of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA published under the title “The Marriage Bond Is a Life­-long Bond,” written by Joel Sugg, a beloved member of the Redlands congregation, now passed on to glory. This tract is extremely beneficial for parents to use in instructing their children on this important subject, or for individual members to use in wit­nessing to this truth in the world. It is concise, well organized, and scrip­turally based. It can be scanned effec­tively in just a few minutes, and read meaningfully in no more than half an hour. In February, two copies of this tract were mailed to all our churches’ evangelism committees along with the electronic file allowing them to print more copies. If you desire a copy of this tract, please speak to a member of your evangelism commit­tee. You can request a copy through mail at 1307 E. Brockton Ave, Red­lands, CA, 92374 or through email at evangelismhopeprc@gmail.com.

Denominational Activities

Classis East met May 11 at Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI. Classis treated a request to or­ganize the fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA as a congregation. This request came with the approval of the calling church, Southwest PRC in Grand Rapids, MI, and the Domestic Mis­sion Committee. With humble thanksgiving to God, and with the concurrence of the synodical depu­ties of Classis West, Classis East ap­proved this request. Official organi­zation took place June 24, with Rev. Arie denHartog appointed as their moderator. The group numbers 16 confessing members and 15 baptized children. Two protests were brought against a previous decision of Classis. Classis upheld the decision of Classis East in January and did not sustain these protests against that decision. (See the Stated Clerk’s report in this issue for more information.)

On behalf of the Contact Com­mittee of the PRC, Professors Ron­ald Cammenga and Barry Gritters traveled to Namibia and South Africa in late May and early June. They lectured in South Africa for previous contacts, as well as for some new ones. New developments in the Namibian churches visited in 2010 prompted these churches to ask for another visit. Please pray that the Lord prospers these efforts in the promotion of the Reformed faith

Also, Prof. Russell Dykstra and his wife are spending about seven weeks among the saints in Singapore beginning June 12. He spoke at the young people’s retreat on June 23-25 on the topic “Love Made Perfect.”

On behalf of the denominational Contact Committee, Calvary PRC in Hull, IA hosted a speech by Dr. J. Klautke, pastor of the BERG in Germany, in connection with his visit to the PRC Synod. Refreshments followed.

Mission Activities

For two days in May the three Reformed Witness Hour radio pas­tors converged on the Protestant Reformed Fellowship in the Forest Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. The purpose was a Spring Seminar week­end event entitled “Building a Godly Family.” Rev. Rodney Kleyn’s speech, titled “Prime Material,” spoke to the single believer in the church. Rev. Carl Haak’s speech, titled “Careful Selection,” addressed how to find and select the right person with whom one can construct a godly marriage and family. Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma’s speech, titled “Meticulous Construc­tion,” spoke to the need of a husband and wife to pay careful attention to the details of their home and family. A very beneficial topic in every age of history—and especially today!

May 9 was the national Election Day in the Republic of the Philip­pines. Mayor Rody Dueterte won the presidential election with Leny Robredo (a lady) chosen to become the new vice-president. Rev. and Sharon Kleyn were not allowed to vote but many of the members of the PRCP did. Most polling took place in the area schools with school teach­ers instrumental in the counting of the votes.

The most recent Classis meet­ing of the PRCP was held in the Maranatha PRC of Valenzuela City on June 13. This Classis approved the examination of Pastor Leovino Trinidad. Rev. Kleyn and his wife left the next day on furlough to the USA for six weeks, with Rev. Richard Smit preaching in the Philippines for four weeks beginning June 19. His son Jay is accompanying him.

Congregational Activities

The city of Fort McMurray, Al­berta, Canada was at the center of massive wild fires in May. This city lies about four hours northeast of our First PRC of Edmonton. The residents of Edmonton had no effects of the fire except that nearly 20,000 of the 88,000 evacuees ended up in their city. Over 2,400 buildings were destroyed in Fort McMurray, and prevailing north winds brought the smoky fog as far south as our congregations located in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota. As we saw some of the footage of cars driving with flames dangerously close and residents speaking of the fear that gripped them during the evacuation,

we could not help but think of the Judgment Day when terror will cause those who reject God to call for the rocks to fall upon them. May God use such events to bring His own closer to Himself as the day of our Lord’s return nears!

The 100th anniversary of Hope PRC was celebrated on June 10. A program included a meditation entitled “A House Built by Christ,” singing by various Hope groups, a Power-Point presentation, and a panel discussion with refreshments follow­ing. A century is quite a milestone! We give thanks with all in Hope church for the faithfulness of God through the years!

Minister Activities

Following the recent acceptance of the call to serve as second missionary to the Philippines by her previous pastor, Rev. Daniel Holstege, on Sunday, May 15, 2016 First PRC of Holland, MI announced a trio of Revs. Allen Brummel (Heritage PRC, Sioux Falls, SD), Garry Eriks (Hudsonville, MI PRC), and Brian Huizinga (Hope PRC, Redlands, CA) from which to call a new pastor. On May 22 a call was issued to Rev. Eriks, and after careful consideration, on June 12 he declined this call.

School Activities

Many school graduations have come and gone recently. We note a special one here. The Wingham Prot­estant Reformed School in Wingham, Ontario, Canada recently held its very first graduation. In this first year of classes there were 16 students in grades 1-8, with one graduate making history and graduating from eighth grade! The school meets in class­rooms located in the church building and the board is aspiring to add a ninth grade for the next school year. An additional teacher is being sought to assist as the school continues to grow. All the families of Wingham PRC who have school age children thankfully send them to their own school. We celebrate with the gradu­ate and with the constituency there as God has made their own school a reality! May He be praised! And what a blessing our own covenant schools are to our families and con­gregations! There is more than a bit of truth to the statement made long, long ago: “As the school goes, so goes the church.”

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.