Calls being considered at the time of this writing are the following: Rev. G. Lanting, from Loveland; Rev. G. Lubbers, from Prospect Park; and Rev. R. Harbach, to serve as home missionary in Houston.

At a request from the Mission Committee, the Council of our Southwest Church decided to release Rev. H. Veldman for the four Sundays of April, in order that he might labor in Maine. And from a bulletin of First Church we learn that the Mission Committee also decided to send Rev. G. Van Baren to visit several interested families in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rev. Van Overloop and his family have moved into a new home. In the March 17 bulletin of Hope Church, they thanked “all those who helped them in any way to move into the beautiful, new parsonage.” The old parsonage, incidentally, has been taken over by the four pre-seminary students who had previously been renting near First Church. The move puts them considerably nearer to their new classrooms on Ivanrest. Even closer to our Seminary building is the new residence of the Rector. On March 25 Professor Hoeksema and his family moved to within a stone’s throw of his lecture room.

It’s been quite some time since correspondence received by Mr. Vander Wal has appeared in this column. It isn’t that he’s no longer receiving interesting response to the literature he mails; it’s rather that some letters that he kindly forwarded to me have been collecting in my box. I have three of them before me now, and I notice that one dates from April of 1973. They make, however, a kind of “news” which cannot be dated. So I pass them on now, confident that you’ll find them as interesting in 1974 as you would have found them in 1973. 

One of the three came from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and concerned a pamphlet written by Rev. H. Hoeksema and published by the First Protestant Reformed Sunday School Mission Publishing Society. I’ll quote the entire short letter: “I received a few copies of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s The Biblical Ground for the Baptism of Infants. One of these was a great blessing to a friend of mine who had been troubled on this matter. From the booklet, he saw the Scriptural ground for infant baptism and his whole view of this matter was changed. Thank you very much for publishing it. If you can send me a few copies, I shall be grateful — ten copies would be enough.” 

Another request for the Sunday School pamphlets came from Glasgow, Scotland. At Mr. Vander Wal’s suggestion, I wrote the man and asked how it happened that he came upon our-literature. From his prompt reply, I learned that his church (in Glasgow) has a book shop in Edinburgh. He wrote that he “happened to be in Edinburgh and in the book shop buying some books. So the assistant,” he wrote, “put your pamphlet along with the books I bought and said that they got your pamphlet free and that they were giving it away free.” 

The pamphlet he received happened to be “The Unbreakable Bond of Marriage,” another of those written by Rev. Herman Hoeksema. Our friend from Glasgow enjoyed the pamphlet and, sent to us for other titles listed on the back cover. How our pamphlets got to the bookshop in Edinburgh, though, we have no idea. 

Another, rather lengthy, letter came from South Wales, Great Britain. We’ll lift a few interesting excerpts from it.

“As a theological student, completing a 3-year course on 5th July this year at the South Wales Bible College, I was delighted to have been introduced to your publications via a fellow student. 

“Particularly helpful was the study of ‘The Means of Grace’ by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, and his excellent treatment ‘The Biblical Ground for the Baptism and Infants.’ . . . 

“I trust that God will continue to encourage you in your work of putting forth, in these days of confusion, sound publications which will aid those who seek the glory of God in preaching and the salvation of many precious souls through the faithful exposition of the Holy Scriptures. 

“Two acquaintances of mine would also be pleased, as I myself, to receive any literature you may have available and thus in the days ahead be able, if God so desired, to increase the circulation of your publications here. 

“Again may I say how much of a blessing it was to have been introduced to your publications . . .”