Congregational Activities

The congregation of the Edgerton, MN PRC sponsored a marriage seminar at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Sioux Falls, SD on Thursday evening, February 27 through Saturday afternoon, March 1. About fifty people, coming from our various churches in Canada, Washington, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota attended the conference.

The first speech, given by Rev. Key on Thursday evening, was en­titled “Love in a Godly Marriage.” This was followed by Rev. Brummel speaking on Friday afternoon on “The Importance of Com­munication in a Godly Marriage.” And the third speech, given by Rev. Haak on Saturday morning, brought out the “Blessings of a Godly Marriage.”

The participants in this semi­nar were able not only to enjoy these three speeches, but also to be part of four different workshops revolving around Christian mar­riages. One dealt with keeping marriages strong through trials, an­other with how to overcome strife and contention in a marriage, and a third with keeping your marriage secure.

The purpose of this seminar was to glorify God through enrich­ing our marriages. It appears, from the comments heard after this weekend, that this seminar did just that. We thank our Edgerton con­gregation for the time and effort they willingly expended on behalf of our churches.

The Consistory of the Grandville, MI PRC recently gave their approval to their church’s Young Adult Bible Study to spon­sor a song service prior to their worship service on the first Sun­day evening of each month.

At a congregational meeting in late January, the members of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada met to give their approval to plans for their new church building. By God’s grace, Immanuel has raised over 2/3 of the estimated cost for construction and are now ready to begin con­struction. At that meeting the plans, as presented, were ap­proved, after changes were made to the nursery, bathroom, and kitchen areas.

The Council of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI called a general in­formational meeting for February 24 to discuss a final update on their building plans.

The members of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA recently gave their approval to their Consistory to pur­chase a new furnace. One of their two furnaces was worn out and it could not be properly repaired.

On March 4, Rev. Mahtani, pas­tor of the Trinity PRC in Houston, TX, gave a slide presentation en­titled “Reaching the Nations with the Gospel of Grace” in the sanctuary of the Doon, IA PRC. Those of us who have seen this presenta­tion know that it lays down the principles of Reformed evangelism, as well as presenting some of Trinity’s work with the Sindhis in Houston.

Rev. Mahtani was able to re­peat this presentation two days later, March 6, in the Elk Grove Vil­lage Library, outside of Chicago, having been invited there by the Evangelism Committee of the Bethel PRC.

While at Bethel, Rev. Mahtani also led a group of adventurous Bethel members to India Town in Chicago to experience a taste of In­dia, and to enjoy authentic Indian food, the smell of curry, a snake charmer’s music, and a guide to ex­plain what they were eating (if they really wanted to know).

Mission Activities

On February 26 Rev. Slopsema, representing the Mission Committee, and Elder Perlin Schut, an elder from the Fludsonville, MI PRC, left for what was intended to be a two-week visit to Northern Ireland to oversee the work of our missionary, Rev. Hanko. However, these men were unexpectedly called home a couple of days later when Rev. Slopsema’s mother-in- law, suffering from cancer, took a sudden turn for the worse. (She died that following week.) Conse­quently, these men were able to do little of the work they had expected to accomplish. Presently no return trip has been scheduled by the Mis­sion Committee and Hudsonville Church. Truly a reminder that the Lord is in control and “His ways past finding out” (Rom. 11:33).

Rev. Spriensma, pastor of the Grandville, MI PRC, spent a recent weekend doing mission work with a group of interested families in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sister Church News

Mr. Cheah Fook Meng, who graduated from our seminary last June, has now completed an internship program in the Evan­gelical Reformed Churches in Singapore. We rejoice with them in his successful examination by their Classis in February. He was examined in Reformed Dogmatics, Knowledge of the Bible, Confes­sions, Church History, and Practica. His exam began at 2:30 with his preaching a sermon, and finished at 10:30 p.m. He did very well and we are thankful for this blessing of God on the ERCS.

Minister Activities

We pass along our congratula­tions to Rev. Allen and Crysta Brummel in the birth of a son, their third, Ethan Clay, born on February 27.

‘Food for Thought

The world is a sea of glass, affliction scatters our path with sand and ashes and gravel, in or­der to keep our feet from sliding.”