Minister Activities

Rev. Rodney Kleyn, pastor of the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA, declined the call extended to him from the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI to serve as their next pastor. On Sunday morning, May 18, Rev. Clayton Spronk, pastor of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL, announced that he was led by the Lord to decline the call extended to him from the Doon, IA PRC. On May 25, Rev. Garrett Eriks, pastor of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, declined the call from the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI to serve as their next pastor.

School Activities

In late May the school society of Genesis PR Christian School in Lacombe, AB, Canada met. In addition to approving their annual budget for 2014-2015, they also approved a proposal to proceed with building a new school building on property adjacent to the Immanuel PRC. The Lord willing, the society hopes to have this building finished in approximately 16-18 months, or, in other words, ready for the 2015-2016 school year. The plan is to hire a general contractor, but with many trades people in Immanuel, the society anticipates cost savings coming from doing some of the work themselves. The proposed building is 4700 square feet and has four classrooms capable of seating between 15 and 25 students each, for a total enrollment of 100 students. The projected cost is $650,000. To date, the society has raised $125 k in local pledges. They have another $150 k of value in their current building and property, which they hope to sell. Letters have also been sent out to our denomination asking for more pledges and loans. If you have the opportunity to help, please prayerfully consider doing that. This summer two of our Christian schools are offering a Bed and Breakfast to those who may be traveling in their area. Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA is one; and Loveland, CO PR Christian School is the other. If your travel plans include either of those destinations, you may want to consider the possibility. Check your church bulletin board for more information. Each May the second grade students of Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI take part in a contest to see who among them can bring to school the dandelion with the longest stem. According to unofficial records, this year’s entries produced a record dandelion. One student brought a dandelion to school with a stem of 98 centimeters. For those of you challenged by the metric system (I include myself in this group), that converts to a stem of almost 39 inches in length. I am just thankful the weed was not found in my yard. We also pass along our congratulations to those in our churches who celebrated graduations this year, whether from grade school, high school, college, or seminary. The Free Christian School in Edgerton, MN celebrated their graduation program on May 19 at the Edgerton, MN PRC. Rev. Doug Kuiper, pastor at Edgerton, spoke on their theme, “Guided by God,” taken from Psalm 48:14.

Congregation Activities

It is always amazing how children are able to memorize. What more wonderful thing to memorize than the Bible. Our congratulations and admiration goes to various children in our churches who continue to accept that challenge. One such student from the Southwest PRC memorized all 45 verses of Psalm 105. Two more from the Hudsonville, MI PRC learned all 40 verses of Hebrews 11. Still more from the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA and the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI are learning various chapters of Scripture this summer. The Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA invited members of our churches to join them on Sunday, May 25 for a Sunday of dedication for their new church building. As they did this they reminded themselves that they were not so much dedicating a place and a building, but were dedicating themselves to the work of the Lord in Spokane and the use of this building for that work. The two sermons preached by Rev. Rodney Kleyn, their pastor, served to remind the congregation of their calling as a church in this world and of their calling as believers in the church. Rev. Kleyn preached from Revelation 2:8- 11 in the morning, under the theme, “The Church in the Last Days,” and in the evening from Nehemiah 11:2, under the theme, “Blessed Volunteers.” Covenant of Grace also enjoyed a potluck dinner between services and a Sunday evening sing-along.

Missions Activities

Our missionary to Pittsburgh, PA, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, gave a lecture on Friday, May 9, in their sanctuary on the subject, “What Did Calvin Teach?” Twelve visitors were present at that gathering. The same lecture was given in Cranberry on May 21. Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kleyn left their home in the Philippines on June 2 for a six-week furlough in North America. There are many purposes for missionary furloughs, one of which is to give the missionary and his family a time of refreshment and encouragement in the work. The Kleyns initially flew to Michigan and then traveled to Iowa, arriving in Doon on June 5. While there he had opportunity to meet with the Council of Doon (his calling and sending church) and the Foreign Mission Committee, as well as preach there on June 8. Rev. Kleyn also planned to attend the PRCA Synod when the Philippine mission field was the object of its attention. Other activities had the Kleyns visiting and preaching in some of our churches and giving presentations regarding the mission work that he and Rev. Richard Smit are doing in the Philippines. After some family vacation, the Kleyns planned to return to the Philippines on July 17.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA hosted a Reformed literature booth this year at the Market Night in downtown Redlands every 2nd and 4th Thursday of June through September. Those manning the booth have opportunity to speak with people who stop by, and they hand out pamphlets and sell books.