Denomination Activities

The work of our denomination’s radio ministry continues to grow. We recently came across a report that the Reformed Witness Hour was ready to begin broadcasting in New York City, New York for the first time in our churches’ history. Thanks to a friend of our radio pro­gram in Long Island, NY, the RWH was heard on Hope Radio (six FM frequencies on Sunday, reaching nearly three million people), begin­ning Sunday, February 2, at 8:30 in the morning. Here is a description the station published:

“The Reformed Witness Hour” airing Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on 6 frequencies; 101.5 FM, 94.9 FM, 104.5 FM, 96.5 FM, 96.9 FM, and 107.1 FM. If you have family or friends in that area, please let them know about this exciting new area of outreach and remem­ber to pray for this special gospel ministry, that God would use it to gather and build His church by the work of His sovereign Spirit.

Once again our PR Seminary in Grandville, MI invited those who were interested and had the free time to attend select classes this coming semester. Prof. Dykstra invited au­ditors to his Church History class, a class in which he planned to teach Ancient Church History; to his class on Reformed Confessions, concentrating on the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Belgic Confession; and to his History of Dogma class. Prof. Cammenga invited auditors to his Reformed Dogmatics class, which began with Eschatology, the study of the last things, and to New Testa­ment History, a class in which he planned to treat New Testament history from the Passion of Christ through the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul.

We at the “News” extend our thanks to Mr. Chuck Terpstra for providing us with the following news item through his 3 ‘R’s Blog:

On January 16, the Seminary faculty (minus Prof. Gritters, who was in India), registrar, and stu­dents traveled to Chicago, IL and the Lutheran School of Theology to view the rare books they have in their Gruber collection. The Seminary had asked in advance to see especially the books from the German Reformation collec­tion. Dr. R. Klein from the LST proved to be an informative and entertaining host, and the Semi­nary thoroughly enjoyed their time viewing the incredible rare books, including a copy of Luther’s 95 theses, published in 1517, and a Greek New Testament written on vellum from A.D. 850. From that visit the group walked the three blocks or so to the Oriental Institute Museum. This museum is a world-renowned showcase for the history, art, and archeol­ogy of the ancient Near East, and has many displays encompass­ing those nations and lands that played such an important role in Old Testament history. Since this museum left them so close to the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on the University of Chicago campus (directly behind the museum), a tour of this remarkable structure was also enjoyed by faculty and students alike. We should also add that there was one more stop on their itinerary before heading home to west Michigan: a stop at the original Aurelio’s Pizza Res­taurant in Homewood, IL, where the men enjoyed a delicious supper of Chicago-style pizza.

Every so often we find ourselves wishing we could be in two places at the same time. Such was the case on January 22, when we “wished” we could have been at the meet­ing of the Reformed Doctrines Class, meeting at the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI, under the leadership of Prof. Engelsma. As part of the sub­ject of “church power,” Prof. Engels­ma began that class by answering a question from the class, whether a member of the church who objects to a consistorial decision is exercis­ing lawful “church power” or should simply be dismissed as a “trouble maker.” The class was to continue with further instruction concerning the congregation’s governing her­self particularly in discipline, and concerning the unique, Reformed doctrine and practice of Reformed church government as held and car­ried out by the PRC.

We are embarrassed to admit that we do not know much about this group, but, regardless, the PR Student Orchestra was pleased to announce its 2nd annual recital. It was held on January 23 at the Grandville, MI PRC. The group of musicians played a short ensemble program, as well as a few solos and smaller group numbers. Anyone interested in playing a stringed instrument or hearing the young people play fine orchestral music was invited to join them for a fun night of music. Perhaps if these young people have their 3rd annual recital next year we can find out more about them.

Young People’s Activities

From a recent bulletin from the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spo­kane, WA, we learned that they will be starting a Young People’s Group. The first meeting was scheduled for Friday, February 7, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. R. Kleyn. This group was meant for the young people of Covenant of Grace who were thirteen and older. Plans called for Bible study to center in the life of David, followed by a time of fellowship and food. The young people were also hoping to include some discussion about fund raising for the upcoming Young People’s Convention.

Sister-Church Activities

The deacons of our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evan­gelical Reformed Church, organized a collection of clothing for the PR Churches in the Philippines, espe­cially those affected by the recent typhoon, or for other poor in the churches who may have a need.

School Activities

The PTA of Genesis Christian School in Lacombe, AB, Canada invited all their supporters aged 16 and up to a Bowling Night on Janu­ary 24, for two games of 5-pin bowl­ing. If we have this correct, 5-pin bowling is played only in Canada. A perfect score of 12 strikes in one game is 450 points. Genesis PTA awarded a Boston Pizza gift card to whoever scored the highest. All others had to pay for their pizza afterwards.

Minister Activities

Rev. Haak declined the call ex­tended to him to serve as the next pastor of the vacant Faith congrega­tion in Jenison, MI.