Congregation Activities

Reflecting on the Word of God found in Ephesians 4:4, “There is one body, and one Spirit…,” we extend our congratulations to five of our congregations who celebrate their anniversaries this month. The First PRC in Holland, MI organized July 3, 1929; the Grace PRC in Standale, MI organized on July 6, 1995; the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI organized July 12, 1926; the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville organized July 18, 2001; and the Hudsonville, MI PRC organized July 26, 1926.

At a congregational meeting in mid-May, the First PRC in Holland, MI gave their approval for their Council to develop plans, contact trades for pricing, and obtain architect drawings for the “classroom wing” concept for their church building that was presented. We could also add that a large copy of these concept plans is now posted on a bulletin board at First. So if you find yourself at First this summer, have a look.

At a congregational meeting on May 7, the members of the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI gave their approval on proposals for the drawing up of plans for a church building and for site-engineering costs.

The Activities Committee of the Edgerton, MN PRC organized Discussion Groups to be held four times over the summer. Plans called for the groups to meet once a month, in June, July, August, and September.

At a congregational meeting on May 20, the congregation of the Hull, IA PRC approved the purchasing of a new organ as soon as the cost can be totally paid for out of their Organ Fund. Hull currently has about a quarter of the total in that fund, with four more collections scheduled yet this year.

Adult Sunday School began at the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI in June. This year’s theme uses the 450th Anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism. Georgetown had prepared a variety of speakers and relevant topics for each Sunday.

The Georgetown congregation recently took a collection for the Gratia Dei Solo Media Ministry. This organization, based in Singapore, translates our denomination’s children’s catechism books into foreign languages. They recently distributed 3,000 sets (seven books in one set) in China.

This summer the Men’s Society of the Doon, IA PRC invited all the men of their congregation to join them for Bible Study on Monday nights. Joining them this summer is intended to be noncommittal; and the men were not expected to become members or to abandon other societies that they might attend in the winter months. The men began meeting on June 3 with a study of Isaiah, chapter 12, and a look at Belgic Confession, Articles 5 and 6.

Once again this year the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI sponsored a plant sale as a fundraiser for their Building Fund. This latest sale took place on May 25 at their parsonage and church property. There was a good variety of perennials and bushes, all coming from their property. This sale could possibly be Providence’s last one, depending on future building plans, as noted above. Someday a church will stand where perennials now grow, D.V.

All the members of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL were welcomed to gather at Munster Centennial Park for Park Day, on the first and third Thursday of each summer month, beginning June 6.

Denomination Activities

As many of our readers already know, the faculty of our PR Seminary recently licensed Mr. Ryan Barnhill to speak a word of edification in our churches. We add our thankfulness, along with yours, to the Lord that He has brought Mr. Barnhill to this point in his preparation for the ministry of the gospel, and we trust that the Lord will use this aspect of his training to equip him further for his life’s calling.

We can add that Seminarian Barnhill was welcomed by the Providence congregation Sunday evening, June 2, when he had the opportunity to expound the Scriptures and bring the Word of God for the first time at a worship service.

School Activities

On Friday evening, May 21, the School Board of members of the Wingham, Ontario PRC sponsored a lecture on the history of the Christian school movement from the time of the Protestant Reformation. The title of the speech was, “The Reformation’s Zeal for Christian Schools.” The speaker was Prof. R. Dykstra. After the lecture, there was a time for questions and then a time of fellowship.

On Friday evening, May 3, friends of Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA were invited to Covenant’s annual Science Fair. Those present that evening were promised demonstrations centered in the “Wonders of Science.” Guests saw live animals, including a beautiful corn snake. They were also able to see inside a beehive and observe the workings of some of God’s most unique creatures. They could also go inside the gym and try making some of the world’s largest soap bubbles, then step outside to see rockets launched hundreds of feet into the air.

Congratulations to the students and teachers in grades K-6 at Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI who took part in a Walk-athon on April 26. The participants walked a total of 4350 laps around a nearby high school track. That’s a total of 1,088 miles, with total pledges coming to just under $16,000.

Minister Activities

Since our last “News,” Revs. C. Spronk and G. Eriks declined calls from the Doon, IA PRC, and Rev. R. Van Overloop declined a call from the Randolph, WI PRC.

The Faith PRC in Jenison, MI extended a call to Rev. C. Spronk to serve as their next pastor.