We begin this issue of the “News” with an apology to the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI. In the March 1 issue we mistak­enly wrote that the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI was celebrating their anniversary as an organized congregation on March 7, 1944. We should have said Southeast PRC not Southwest. The information given us was correct. We erred in our report­ing of it.

Congregation Activities

Reflecting on the Word of God found in Psalm 84:4, “Blessed are they that dwell in thy house,” we call your attention to the anniversary of the Edgerton, MNPRC, organized on April 11, 1938.

The Randolph, WI PRC recently formed a Helping Hands Commit­tee to assist their Deacons with the needs of their congregation. Acts 20:35: “I have showed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to sup­port the weak.”

The Southwest PRC in Grand­ville, MI enjoyed their annual church potluck dinner on March 1. Those signing up to attend were also en­couraged to consider volunteering to provide a special number for their after-dinner program as well.

The Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN invited surrounding congrega­tions to join them on Sunday eve­ning, March 3, for a presentation on Georgetown PRC’s work in India. Rev. C. Haak, pastor at Georgetown in Hudsonville, MI, was there to ex­plain that work, as well as to update those in attendance on his recent trip to India with Prof. B. Gritters and Mr. Deane Wassink.

Denomination Activities

On Tuesday, February 26, Rev. K. Koole and Elder Tom Bodbyl flew to Singapore to visit Rev. A. Lanning and his family and the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church on behalf of our denomination’s Contact Committee and the congregation and Council of the Grandville, MI PRC, to give encouragement and to discuss the work being done there. Plans also called for the men to conduct Church Visitation with the Session of Covenant as well.

Members of the PR congregations in West Michigan were blessed to be able to attend and to be part of two combined Mass Choir Concerts on the Sundays of February 24 and March 3. The choir was made up of members of the Grand Rapids area churches and totaled around 175 members. The first concert was held at Fellowship Reformed Church in Hudsonville and the second at First Byron Christian Reformed. The two concerts were truly evenings of praise and glory to God. We can also add that the concert was recorded for release on CD sometime in the future, so if you could not be there in person, or you would like to hear the concert again, you will have the opportunity.

Mission Activities

We thank the “Kleyns in the Philip­pines” for providing the “News” with the following update.

In the past few months, with the approval of Doon, IA PRC and the FMC, the missionaries have been visiting and speaking every Thursday evening in the Provident Christian Church in Marikina, Manila. We came into contact with this church through one of the pas­tors who attends the twice-monthly meeting of 7M (Metro Manila Monthly Monday Morning Minis­ters Meeting). The PCC is located about 12 miles from where we live. The church is not new to the Re­formed faith, but has a keen interest in growing in their understanding of the truth. Initially the PCC asked the missionaries to speak on a variety of topics. Rev. R. Smit gave four speeches on “Particular Grace (over against the error of common grace)” and Rev. D. Kleyn spoke on “What Is a Reformed Church?” followed by two speeches on “Is God Sovereign Over Evils?” The Consistory of the PCC has also asked that we preach for them on Sundays at least once a month, but more often if possible. This request comes especially in light of the fact that the congregation is currently vacant. For the month of February, Rev. Kleyn plans to preach there on the 24th, the Lord willing. We thank the Lord for this new opportunity to teach oth­ers of the truths that are dear to us. May God be pleased to bless and prosper this work.

Sister-Church Activities

On Friday evening February 8, Rev. A. Stewart, pastor of the Cov­enant PRC in Ballymena, NI, gave a public lecture at Covenant entitled, “Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Hypo-Calvinism.” Rev. Stewart promised to answer questions like, What is Calvinism and how does one determine this? What are the errors of hyper-Calvinism (over and above Calvinism) and hypo-Calvinism (un­der and below Calvinism)? May you simply define these terms as you wish and call people names—“Hyper” or “Hypo” Calvinist!—if you don’t agree with them?

Rev. M. McGeown, missionary pastor to the Limerick Reformed Fellowship in Limerick, Republic of Ireland, a mission field of the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, gave a lecture on February 22 in Porthcawl, South Wales on “Justification by Faith Alone.”

Parents in the Covenant ERC of Singapore, and any others in­terested, were encouraged to view the video on “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” The first screening, entitled “Getting to the Heart of Behavior,” was shown on Sunday, February 17.

School Activities

The Hull PR Christian School presented their annual all-school program on March 1 at the Hull, IA PRC. The theme this year was, “Our Glorious God, Worthy of Praise.”

The Parent/Teacher Association of Heritage Christian School in Hud­sonville held their Spring meeting on March 5. Rev. N. Decker, pastor of Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI, spoke for the parents and teachers on the importance of a sound devotional life for our covenant youth.

Minister Activities

On Sunday evening, March 3, the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI extended a call to Rev. R. Kleyn to serve as their next pastor.