July 20, 1960

Trios—Creston: Rev. H. Hanko; Cand. J. Kortering; Rev. A. Mulder. Grand Haven: Cand. J. Kortering; Rev. A. Mulder; Rev. J. Van Baren. Hull, Iowa: Cand. J. Kor­tering; Rev. G. Lubbers; Rev. G. Vos. Randolph, W is.: Rev. R. Harbach; Cand. J. Kortering; Rev. M. Schipper.

Called—Grand Haven: Rev. A. Mulder of Kalamazoo.

Rev. B. Woudenberg has been appointed as counselor to the churches of Isabel and Forbes, our two newest churches accepted by the last Synod.


Classis met in Southwest Church and was the briefest of any meeting we can remember. In less than two hours all the work on the agendum was finished.

Rev. H. Hanko, chairman of the last meeting, presided in the opening devotions. He was ably succeeded by the Rev. G. Lanting of Holland, while the Rev. H. Hanko recorded the minutes.

All the churches were represented by two delegates each. All the material before Classis was of routine nature.

The Stated Clerk, and Classical Committee tendered their reports. The Church Visitors presented a favorable report of their recent visit to each of the churches in Classis East. According to their report, the Lord is blessing our churches.

Classis decided to grant classical appointments to the churches of Creston, Grand Haven and Randolph as follows: Grand Haven, July 17—C. Hanko; Aug. 14—G. Vos; Aug. 28—R. Veldman; Sept. 4—H. Hanko; Sept. 18—G. Lanting; Oct. 2—M. Schipper; Oct. 9—A. Mulder. Creston, July 17—M. Schipper; Aug. 7—G. Lanting; Aug. 28—A. Mulder; Sept. 11—G. Vos; Sept. 18—H. Hanko; Oct. 2—C. Hanko; Oct. 9—G. Vos. Randolph, July 17—A. Mulder; Aug. 7—R. Veldman; Aug. 21—H. Hanko; Aug. 28—C. Hanko; Sept. 4—M. Schipper; Sept. 25— R. Veldman; Oct. 9—G. Lanting.

Rev. G. Vos was appointed to thank the ladies of South­west Church for their catering.

Prof. H. C. Hoeksema attended the Classis and was given advisory vote. Classis decided to meet next time in Hud­sonville on October 5.

After the closing remarks of the chairman, Prof. Hoek­sema closed this session with thanksgiving.

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk.

The following interesting item was sent in to this page by the program committee of the Reformed Witness Hour: During the month of August, D.V., Rev. J.A. Heys, South

Holland’s pastor, will deliver the radio sermons heard on the Reformed Witness Hour. The theme of his four messages will be the text found in Genesis 3:15. The sermons will be entitled as follows: “The Answer of Grace,” “The Way That Leads Home,” “The Life That Cannot Sin,” “The Perseverance Of The Persecuted.” The Reformed Witness Hour will soon be heard over Trans World Radio, formerly known as “The Voice Of Tangiers.” This broadcast of our weekly program is sponsored by the Mission Committee of our churches. Our readers might be interested to learn that Trans World Radio announces the installation of a 100,000 watt transmitter in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Plans call for radio programs on a regular schedule, beginning in Septem­ber, in 28 languages. The structure housing the new trans­mitter was built by Adolph Hitler during the German occupa­tion of Monaco, and is now owned by Trans World Radio to carry out its purpose of beaming the Gospel to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and behind the Iron Curtain. Our Reformed Witness Hour program will, by means of the intricate an­tenna system, be sent across Europe, with the British Isles as the principal target area. May our Covenant God bless this our mission endeavor.

The Hope School Society needs four additional class­rooms in their school. They faced that need realistically recently by conducting a drive to raise the initial $15,000 needed to accomplish their purpose. The congregations of the three participating churches, Holland, Hudsonville and Hope were canvassed the evenings of July 29 and 30. An incomplete report given July 10 revealed that they were then only $700 short of the goal.

In spite of the fact that picnics are not the rare, once a year events they were in the days before the automobile, our bulletins reveal that our churches cling to the habit of having congregational picnics, usually in the season of the longest days of the year. There is something about them, with their unique friendship and fraternal atmosphere, that sets them apart from the ordinary outings with which we and our children are familiar. Oak Lawn’s congregation combines theirs with charity in that Elm School receives some profit from the use of the school picnic grounds and canteen services.

From “The Covenant Witness,” the first pamphlet of a series mentioned in our last issue: “God has called us to live in the end of the ages. The Day of the Lord is at hand . . . the world grows more and more wicked . . . iniquity increases . . . How serious our calling is in the light of these facts that we maintain our heritage.” Get these pamphlets for yourself. and for your friends by writing to “The Covenant Witness,” 1545 Wilson Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

. . . . see you in church.