May 20, 1960

Randolph has named a new trio which consists of the Revs. R. Harbach, M. Schipper and G. Vanden Berg.

Rev. M. Schipper declined the call from Hull.

Rev. H. H. Kuiper, of Loveland, has been gaining strength steadily since our last report. He has led a few meetings and also conducted one service on Sunday, May 15.

Rev. Woudenberg informs us that Rev. Van Baren read the form for his installation instead of Rev. Vanden Berg as reported last month. It must have been a pleasure for Rev. Van Baren to install his former classmate into office in a neighboring church. The close friendship enjoyed in their College and Seminary years can now be renewed as they are again within visiting distance of one another.

At the May Mothers’ Club meeting at Adams St. School Miss Ruth Dykstra, kindergarten teacher, showed pictures of the last five kindergarten classes. Do you suppose the fourth graders would have recognized themselves if they had seen the pictures?

Reminder: Did you send in your contribution to the Young People’s Convention Committee?

Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church, is spending three weeks of May in the Dakotas upon the invitation of the Mission Committee, giving the people of Isabel and Forbes opportunity to dispense some of their famous German hospitality in appreciation for the shepherding of the flock in the green pastures of God’s Word.

Rev. G. Van Baren served on the Classical Church Visita­tion Committee in the place of Rev. Kuiper. His April 24th bulletin carried greetings to his people from the members of Loveland, Lynden and Redlands congregations.

Rev. Lanting, reporting the completion of the catechism work, found that the assistance given the catechumens by their parents was evident, and finds comfort in the knowl­edge that their labors will bear much fruit.

Bulletin quote (Holland’s, but appropriate in all our bulletins): “All the societies have recessed for the summer months. Let us, however, remember that individual as well as family study and meditation of the Scriptures and related material should not cease, lest we become prey to the many temptations about us.”

Lynden’s newest bulletin cover is a lithographed scene of a beautiful sunset reflected on a broad stream, with two trees silhouetted in the foreground.

The first Tuesday in May was the date of a combined meeting of South Holland and Oak Lawn Young People’s Societies in the Oak Lawn church. The program included a short talk by Rev. Heys and miscellaneous numbers by the two societies. After the program the young people enjoyed refreshments and games.

Southeast’s building committee is utilizing volunteer help to attack the debris at the new church site with shovels and rakes as weapons.           

The do-it-yourself spirit is being evidenced at Oak Lawn, too, with volunteer painters redecorating the interior of the church with paint furnished by the building com­mittee. That also comes under the heading, labor of love.

Reformed Witness Hour News

“The Program Committee reports that during the month of June Rev. C. Hanko of First Church will speak to the radio audience on the subject, ‘Doctrine of the Last Days.’ The month of July, D.V., Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, from our Prot. Ref. Theological Seminary, will be the guest speaker. The Committee further informs us that in addition to Radio Stations WFUR, Grand Rapids; KELO, Sioux Falls, So. Dakota; KLIR, Denver, Colo.; KBOE, Oskaloosa, Iowa; KSJB, Jamestown, No. Dakota, the program will be heard over Radio Hoyer, Curacao, Neth. West Indies, as a station sponsored by the Mission Committee. The Radio Committee is investigating the possibility of adding another station to this list. May our Covenant God continue to bless our Radio Ministry, is our prayer.”

Rev. R. Harbach writes in the Lynden bulletin of May 8: “Religion is not a perusal of good books. It is not even prayer, praise, preaching or attending the house of God. These are indispensable to religion. There can be no religion without them. But religion is a being bound to God by the bond of perfectness—love! and in a communion of friend­ship and fellowship with Him.”

Redlands’ new bulletin cover pictures their new church and parsonage on the front, and the back lists the names of the consistory members, societies and their meeting dates, regular and special collections, and special committees. This is the only bulletin we receive that shows a palm tree across the street from the church.

We have received two bulletins from Pella recently be­cause our Missionary is working in that area at present. Rev. Lubbers conducted a Holland language service on the after­noon of April 24 and drew some twenty outsiders who came to hear a Dutch sermon. Rev. Lubbers also gave a lecture in Sully, Iowa. The topic was, “God’s Unchangeable Mar­riage Ordinance.”

Bulletin quote (Holland’s): That which is often asked of God is not so much His Will and Way, as His approval on our way.

First Church’s Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Society held their an­nual banquet in the church parlors May 11 and featured a talk by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema on “The Christian and Secular Music.”

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.” Psalm 118:29.

. . . . see you in church.