Minister Activities

Our vacant Hope congregation in Walker, MI extended a call to Rev. John Marcus, presently serving First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada, to serve as their next pastor.

On Sunday afternoon, June 10, Rev. Doug Kuiper preached his farewell sermon as pastor of the Randolph, WI PRC. Rev. Kuiper chose to preach from the Word of God in II Corinthians 13:11, under the theme, “Finally Brethren, Farewell.” Because of Rev. Kuiper’s commitment as delegate to this year’s synod, he did not preach in Randolph on June 17, and Randolph’s consistory had previously granted him vacation the next two weeks, so he preached his farewell sermon June 10 even though he officially continued as pastor of Randolph until June 30.

The Randolph congregation voted to extend a call to Rev. Andrew Lanning, presently serving the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI, to serve as their next pastor.

Seminarian Josh Engelsma, his wife, Courtney, and their children, are presently staying at the parsonage of the Edgerton, MN PRC for a number of weeks before Rev. Doug Kuiper is installed as pastor there.

Since Seminarian Engelsma does not have enough approved sermons, there was a request for him to exchange pulpits with the pastors from that area. All the consistories involved agreed to this arrangement. So Mr. Engelsma was also able to speak a “word of edification” in those churches as well. We commend the Engelsmas to the church there, and pray that Mr. Engelsma will be strengthened and encouraged in the work.

Congregation Activities

With thanksgiving to God, Calvary PRC in Hull, IA began worship services in their new facility on Sunday, May 13. There was a dedication program on Friday, May 11 and a public open house for viewing of the building by area PR church members and the community on June 1 and 2. Rev. Cory Griess, pastor of Calvary, used Joshua 4:1-7 as text for the dedication, speaking on how the church building is a memorial to the biblical faith recovered in the Reformation. You see that in how the building is built, with the focus on the Word by the placing of the pulpit in the center. The memorial the Israelites built spoke, to the generations, of the faithfulness of God. Calvary PRC also speaks to the generations of God’s faithfulness. As one from each tribe built the memorial, so every family at Calvary had a part in its building. The first text Rev. Griess preached on for worship in Calvary’s building was Luke 23:33, since this is where the name of the church came from. At the open house, Calvary had booths set up for the RFPA, on the catechism instruction of the church, on the organic life of Calvary, and on the teachings of the PRCA. Calvary also had the introduction to the PRC video playing nonstop for the people who came. Rev. Griess adds that they “had a good turnout of visitors and pray the Lord uses that witness for the good of His church.”

Our congregation in Lacombe, AB, Canada, the Immanuel PRC, commemorated its 25th anniversary with a celebration on May 11 at Parkland Reformed Church in Ponoka. A potluck dinner was held at 6:00, with a program following, consisting of fellowship, singing, and a slide show.

Members of the Hudsonville, MI PRC were invited to join others in their congregation to hear the good biblical instruction for marriage by Paul David Tripp. This Summer Marriage Conference began on June 12 and met for three consecutive Tuesday evenings. Each evening began with the watching of a DVD, followed by a time for discussion.

By our count, there are at least four of our congregations that have plans this summer for their members to participate in a Summer Memorization project. Although the plans are all a little different, each does provide an incentive for both young and not so young to learn a portion of God’s Word. These churches are Bethel in Roselle, IL; Georgetown in Hudsonville, MI; Grace in Standale, MI; and Hudsonville, MI PRC.

Members of the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI participated in a scrap metal drive throughout the month of June. Dates for drop off of any suitable scrap were June 9 and June 23 at their church property. Money raised would go toward future building expenses.

Evangelism Activities

On Friday, May 11, Rev. Audred Spriensma and Rev. Ronald Van Overloop were in Peace PRC in Lansing, IL to speak on the subject of Personal Witnessing.

In a joint effort, the Evangelism Committees of the Calvary and Hull, IA PRC’s arranged for a new introductory issue to the Standard Bearer to be sent out to every home in Hull that did not have a subscription to the SB. Page two contained a letter of greeting to the community that both Hull’s and Calvary’s Councils approved. This issue went out sometime between May 29 and 31.

Mission Activities

Rev. Richard Smit, missionary to the Philippines, traveled to Singapore on June 15 to provide pulpit supply in the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church from June 17-24, plus provide the lectures for Covenant’s annual church camp (“Established in the Faith”) from Monday, June 18 to Thursday, June 21.

School Activities

The Genesis PTA of Genesis Christian School in Lacombe, AB, Canada, sponsored a lecture by Mr. Adrian Stoutjesdyk, a representative of the Trinitarian Bible Society in Canada, on May 15, at Immanuel PRC. With the words, “A more sure word of prophecy,” from II Peter 1, as his theme, Mr. Stoutjesdyk spoke about the inspiration, preservation, translation, and obligation of the Word of God. During this meeting, Mr. Stoutjesdyk also told those in attendance about the Society’s work at home and abroad and gave encouragement to continue the commitment to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.