Young People’s Activities

The Young People’s Society of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI hosted this year’s Easter Mass Meeting for the young people of our churches in west Michigan. This year’s meeting was held Sunday afternoon, April 15. Prof. Dykstra spoke on “Jesus’ Resurrection: Why Important—for Him, and for you?”

The Young People’s Society of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC invited their congregation to a Talent-Dessert evening on April 13. A collection was taken for the young people of Kalamazoo and the expenses of this summer’s convention.

The young people of the Hull, IA PRC, anticipating the needs of their congregation, asked the question, do you need your gutters cleaned or your lawn raked? How about your windows washed or your garage cleaned? How about some boxes moved or some painting you’d like help with? If members of their congregation had some chores that needed to be done, but were having a hard time finding time to do it, their Young People’s Society was look­ing for different ways to help either inside or outside the home. But the one thing that caught our eye was the fact that this activity was not a fundraiser. The young people were simply looking for ways to help the other members of their congrega­tion, and all for free (Gal. 5:13).

Everyone in the Lynden, WA PRC was encouraged to stay after their evening worship service on Resurrection Sunday to enjoy their Young People’s Society Resurrection Day Singspiration. An offering was taken for the 2012 Western Young People’s Camp and the 2012 Young People’s Convention.

If your congregation did not enjoy an ice cream social, sponsored by the young people of your church, follow­ing your Good Friday church ser­vice on April 6, then we are almost certain that you are in the minority, because it seems that a large major­ity of our churches had opportunity to enjoy that activity last month.

Mission Activities

Since Thursday of the week be­fore Resurrection Sunday is a public holiday in the Philippines, that day works well for the annual combined outing of the various groups our missionaries, Rev. R. Smit and Rev. D. Kleyn, work with around Ma­nila. This year the outing was at the Cattleya Resort in Antipolo. This resort has two pools, an eating area with tables and chairs for a hundred or so people, and some places to do cooking, all of which served well for the daylong event. Looking at the pictures provided by the Kleyns on their blog (­ makes one almost envi­ous of the picturesque landscape of the resort, but especially of the wide variety of food enjoyed by those who attended.

Sister-Church Activities

In order that our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evan­gelical Reformed Church, will not be without pulpit supply for seven consecutive Sundays, the consis­tory of the Grandville, MI PRC ap­proved sending their pastor, Rev. K. Koole, to Singapore to preach for them for three Sundays, the Lord willing. Rev. Koole was scheduled to leave Michigan on Wednesday, April 25, and then to preach for the CERC April 29 and May 6 and 13, returning home May 14. Rev. A. Spriensma is scheduled to provide preaching for Sundays beginning in late May.

Rev. A. Stewart, pastor of our sister church in Northern Ireland, was able to present a lecture twice in April, on the subject of “God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Respon­sibility.” The first time was in South Wales on April 12, and the second in Ballymena, NI on April 20. Covenant advertised these lectures by asking those who were interested in attending to consider that some say that these two ideas are irreconcilable and shrug their shoulders. Others reckon that God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility are two parallel lines that meet in eternity. Yet others argue that since man is responsible, God cannot be sovereign. But what does the Bible say on this subject?

Congregation Activities

This year’s Special Needs Pro­gram was held on April 13 at the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI, and every­one was invited to come and praise our heavenly Father, along with the special needs members of our west Michigan congregations, as they sang praises to Him. Refreshments and a time of fellowship followed the program.

The Trinity Men Singers, of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI, presented their annual Spring Con­cert after their evening worship ser­vice on Resurrection Sunday, April 8.

The combined choirs of the Peace PRC in Lansing, ILand the Crete, IL PRC, presented the Easter can­tata “Hallelujah, What a Savior” at Crete on Sunday evening, April 8.

Rev. D. Holstege, pastor of First PRC in Holland, MI, gave a slide presentation on his and his family’s trip to minister to the saints of the CERC in Singapore, on Sunday evening, April 8, following First’s evening worship service.

The congregation in Randolph, WI was able to enjoy a combined choir concert/singspiration spon­sored by their choir, on Sunday evening, April 1.

School Activities

Students of the Loveland, CO PR Christian School presented their All School Program on April 13. This program was a celebration of the great work our Savior has accomplished for us through His death and resurrection. There was an ice cream social in the school afterwards, hosted by the kinder­gartners. Classrooms were open to accommodate curious parents, friends, and supporters of LPRCS.

The choirs of Covenant Chris­tian High School in Grand Rapids, MI and Trinity Christian High School in Hull, IA presented a con­cert on April 12 at Trinity CHS.