News From Our Churches

As the copy for this column is being assembled, the 1976 Synod of our churches has completed its work in South Holland, Illinois, our schools have conducted their annual graduation exercises, and most of the seasonal meetings in the churches have recessed for the summer. Some of our churches have already had their church picnics. Many of our western churches schedule their church picnics on the 4th of July. At least this is true in Hull and Doon, Iowa, and Randolph, Wisconsin.

We might take special note of two graduation exercises this Spring. According to the First Church bulletin the senior pre-seminary students of our Seminary graduated on May 28 in ceremonies at the Seminary building. We extend to them our congratulations and prayer for God’s blessing as they begin their seminary labors this fall. Also, one could detect a certain note of joy in the announcement which appeared in the Redlands, California, church bulletin, “The Graduation Program for the first graduates of our new school will be held Friday, June 4, at 8 PM in our Church. As parents we may indeed be thankful to God for the truths and love of His covenant with us and our children. Rev. Kamps will speak on ‘Shew Me Thy Ways’ from Ps. 25:4. Let us all plan to attend and enjoy this evening together in The love of Christ.” 

Since mention was made in an earlier issue of new additions to the families of three Protestant Reformed pastors, the latest arrival is duly noted: Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Kamps (Redlands) were blessed with a baby boy, John Marc, this past May 27th. 

First’s’ bulletin also reported that Rev. R. VanOverloop has declined the call from Doon, Iowa. Rev. W. Bekkering has received the call from our Kalamazoo, Michigan, congregation. We might also report that the First Church bulletin. has been coming out on blue paper of late (just like that of Faith Church). Whether there is some special significance in the color or whether the printer ran out of white paper has yet to be determined. 

During the time when the Synod of our Churches meets, many of our churches in Classis East are treated to pulpit exchanges. For instance, on June 6th, First Church listened to Rev. C. Hanko of Hudsonville in the morning and Rev. B. Woudenberg of Lynden, Washington, in the evening service. Both pastors brought greetings from their respective congregations. Rev. Woudenberg also extended greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he had the pleasant task of installing Rev. R. Moore as Edmonton’s first pastor about ten days previously. Rev. Moore’s departure from Doon, Iowa, to Edmonton was ‘touch and go’ up until the very last moment. His Canadian work permit arrived in the mail the very morning the Moore family planned to depart for their new home.

Digging into the drawer we find quite a pile of bulletins giving notice of many events in our churches this spring. Loveland was treated to a Congregational Soup Supper sponsored by the Ladies’ Circle on April 23. South Holland scheduled their Annual School Fund-Raising Dinner on April 9. After dinner there were exhibits to see in the school and a short lecture by Rev. Engelsma on “Scripture in the Schools.” $1,337.79 was raised at this dinner. The Western Ladies’ League met on April 22 at Edgerton Church. Rev. Slopsema spoke on “Mental Depression in the Light of Scripture.” On May 14th Prof. H. Hanko lectured in Randolph, Wisconsin, on “Did Calvin and Luther Disagree?” And in Southeast Church in Grand Rapids the young people of the church sponsored a talent nite to raise money for their young people’s convention this summer. Rev. Kortering spoke on “Evangelism” in Redlands on the same date. The annual Spring Protestant Reformed Lecture sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Churches in Michigan was held on April 29 in First Church. Prof. Robert Decker spoke on “The Woman’s Place in the Church.” If you were not among the church full who heard Prof. Decker that night and would like to hear this interesting speech, you can. Write to the Standard Bearer business office for details on how you can obtain a tape recording of this lecture or of many others which are available. 

A Quiet Thought from Southeast’s bulletin: “In the days when a woodshed stood behind the American home, a great deal of what passes as juvenile delinquency was settled out of court.”