Rev. Joostens has asked for a two-week extension to consider the call to be pastor of Lynden Church in Washington. Rev. Dale Kuiper has received the call to be minister at Isabel Church in South Dakota. Rev. M. DeVries has accepted the call to Edgerton, Minnesota.

Rev. Bruinsma writes that a few aspects of the work which need much time and labor are the need to begin a consistent and solid program to teach the young children the Bible and the truths of our Protestant Reformed Churches. Hand in hand with this is the difficulty of maintaining the interest of the youth, especially young men. It seems that a sin engrained in the very culture is that church is a necessity for small children as well as for old men and women. But for a young man to attend church is to them a shame and a sign of weakness.

In another paragraph he writes, God is a God of means and He uses His Word and the preaching to change the hearts of His people from darkness to light. For this reason we are beginning to set up a catechism program in the churches. At present we are testing out the use of our own catechism books. If this seems to go well enough we may start using these books in all the churches. We have also planned for this coming July a Youth Conference on the subject of “Friendship, Dating, and Marriage.”

He closes with, “There is much work to be done in our churches here before they are solid enough to stand on their own. Let us pray that God will strengthen His people and the churches here in order that in the future they can stand on their own by God’s grace.”

The construction of First Church’s sanctuary is going well. The heating, plumbing, and electrical sub-contractors are busy roughing in their respective work. The brick-layers are also progressing on the exterior of the building. More room has been provided for the kitchen counters. They are waiting for design proposals for the rose window from the Rainbow Art Glass Company. The cornerstone contents have been removed from the old building. The contents which were stored in a copper box consisted of decisions relative to the church struggles of 1924. The laying of the cornerstone for the new church building is planned for Saturday, June 1, at 10:00 AM.

The Singapore Camp-Day is planned for June 14 &, 15. The first night Rev. den Hartog will speak on “The Reformed Faith In Singapore.” On the following morning, Francis Quek will speak on the “Christian Witness” and Jackie Mahtani on “Singapore Prayer Meetings.” Then, in the afternoon, Lim Kokeng will direct a “Cell Meeting.” This camp-day is sponsored by the combined efforts of the Byron Center, Faith, and Kalamazoo churches in Michigan. If you want to know what cell groups are, how a prayer-meeting is conducted, and how the Singaporeans present their beliefs to others, then, come to the Singapore Camp-Day.

The Reformed Fellowship of South Holland Church in Illinois heard a speech by Rev. Engelsma on “A Comparison of the Presbyterian and the Reformed Faith.”

Prof. H.C. Hoeksema spoke to the high school and college age young people of Faith Church on our Seminary and the need for students.

The Young People’s Convention will be from July 29 to August 2 at Grand Valley College in Allendale, Michigan.

The Summer mini-course for our teachers will be held at the Crossroads Restaurant in Grandville, Michigan on August 7 from 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., dinner included. Mr. John Kalsbeek, Mr. Gary Van Der Schaaf, and Miss Agatha Lubbers will speak on “Practical Approaches To Interdisciplinary Writing.”