Rev. DeVries preached his farewell sermon at Southwest Church in Michigan the evening of May 26 and was installed in our Edgerton Church in Minnesota June 6th. Rev. R. Moore was installed in our Hull Church in Iowa the evening of May 26. Rev. Kamps led the church service. Since the time that Rev. Joostens declined the call to our Lynden Church in Washington, Lynden Church has formed a trio of Rev. R. Hanko, Rev. K. Koole, and Rev. G. Van Baren. Rev. C. Haak has declined the call to Southwest Church and Rev. D. Kuiper has asked for an extension for the call to our Isabel Church in South Dakota.

Rev. and Mrs. R. Miersma and son, Eric, arrived home in Holland, Michigan from New Zealand on May 30. They were at the Kent County Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 12, along with many friends, including Rev. and Mrs. Hutton from Northern Ireland, to welcome home Deane and Donna Wassink and family who returned home from a year’s stay in Northern Ireland, where Deane taught in the Covenant Christian School of Northern Ireland. Rev. den Hartog and his family are visiting the states while Rev. den Hartog attends this year’s synod in Hudsonville Church and the Singapore Camp-Day, where he will show slides of the “Reformed Faith in Singapore,” an affecting slide presentation put together by the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore. Rev. den Hartog also presented a program to our Doon congregation in Iowa, May 31.

The new address of Rev. and Mrs. John A. Heys is 5107 Ridgeview Drive, Hudsonville, Michigan 49426. Telephone No. 669-2769. The new address of Rev. and Mrs. H. Veldman is 7797 Coachman’s Lane, Jenison, Michigan 49428. Telephone No. 1-616-457-6578.

Rev. and Mrs. George Hutton from the Bible ,Presbyterian Church of Larne, N. Ireland arrived in South Holland June 5th. On June 7th, Rev. Hutton spoke on “The Reformed Faith in N. Ireland and Scotland Today” and on June 9th he spoke on “The Political Situation in N. Ireland Today.” He also attended our synod and spoke to our Holland Church in Michigan.

Rev. D. Engelsma gave a Spring Lecture speech on “The God-fearing Family,” in our Hudsonville Church May 9. A copy of this speech is available for $3.00 from Arnold Haveman, 4133 Meadowfield, Hudsonville, MI 49426. Rev. Engelsma also led the pre-synodical church service, preaching on Judges 6:14-16.

A series of lectures were held in Bluebell, May 17 and 18. On Friday, Prof. H. Hanko spoke on “Un- conditional Election” and Prof. H.C. Hoeksema on “Limited Atonement.” On Saturday, Rev. K. Hanko spoke on “Total Depravity,” Rev. G. Van Baren on “Irresistible Grace,” and Rev. R. Hanko on “Perseverance of the Saints.”

Trinity Church in Texas recites part of the form for the Lord’s Supper together. At the end of the prayer on the bottom of page 62 they say the Apostles’ Creed together and conclude the Thanksgiving Prayer at the bottom of page 63 by saying the Lord’s Prayer together.

Rev. J. Kortering made this appropriate statement for the graduates of Grandville Church, “We are thankful to God for His goodness shown in providing us with good Christian schools not only, but also for our students who benefit from that instruction. The purpose of this instruction is not accomplished merely in academic achievement; but through such study our young people may grow in godliness, know their place in the covenant of grace, and use their ability which God has given them in the service and acknowledgment of His majesty and faithfulness in Christ. The school of sanctification continues till our graduation in death.”

If failing eyesight prevents you from enjoying The Standard Bearer, if your job takes you on the road and you are tired of worldly radio fare, if you are the kind of person who finds it easier to listen than to read, remember that The Standard Bearer is available on cassette tape from the Evangelism Society of Southeast Protestant Reformed Church. Send requests to Evangelism Society, Box 7214, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.