The calls of our Redlands and Isabel congregations to Rev. Van Baren and Rev. Slopsema respectively have been declined. 

Reaching into my file of unused news items I find some order of worship changes among our churches: Since March 15 our Loveland congregation has conducted all their congregational singing while standing. Also, they have instituted an offertory, the intent of which is to “place a proper emphasis on giving as a separate act of worship.” Hudsonville has “decided to continue recitation of the Apostles’ Creed in unison as a regular part of our church service.” From a Faith, Jenison bulletin we learn that, “Beginning next Sunday, February lst, the doxology sung after the evening service will be Psalter 196 instead of ‘May the Grace of Christ Our Savior.’ Whereas we have sung of the grace of God in our doxology for the last several years, we now will sing of another aspect of His Being, namely, His glory.” And a Doon, Iowa bulletin announces that, “the consistory has decided to sing doxology #8 ‘May the Grace of Christ Our Savior’ at the end of our afternoon service and to the tune of Ps. #222. We will sing Ps. #197 as our doxology at the end of the morning service. These changes will be implemented next week, Feb. 1.” It appears that on February 1 Doon picked up where Faith left off as far as the doxology “May the Grace of Christ Our Savior” is concerned. 

Like fall, spring is a time during which many speeches and lectures are arranged by various organizations of our churches. On April 3 Prof. Hanko spoke at a lecture, sponsored by the South Holland Men’s Society, on the topic, “Spiritual Fervor—Why Is It Waning?” One week before that, Prof. Hanko spoke for the Southwest Men’s and Ladies’ Societies on, “The Proper Preparation for the Sabbath.” The Loveland Men’s Society arranged a special mission program on March 5 with Rev. Kamps speaking and showing “pictures of our mission activity, especially Singapore.” Back in Doon a month later Rev. Kamps spoke again, this time for the Ladies’ League, on the topic “Trying the Spirits.” “The Free Woman in Christ” was the topic of a speech given by Miss Agatha Lubbers, teacher in our Covenant Christian High School, as she addressed the Grand Rapids area Mr. and Mrs. League. At a May 5 Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting in First Church, Mr. Don Doezema, principal of our Covenant Christian High School, presented a slide program on Palestine. Rev. Miersma spoke for the Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ League on the topic, “The Moral Majority Movement—Should We Support It?” Incidentally, a cassette tape of this speech is available for $2.50 by writing to the Evangelism Committee, c/o First Prot. Ref. Church, 290 East 18th St., Holland, MI 49423. Tapes of the recent lecture “Salvation: Gospel or Offer?” by Rev. Cammenga are available by writing to Hull Prot. Ref. Church, 1204 Third St., Hull, Iowa 51239. Finally, at this writing (May 11) we have one future lecture to report: on May 14 Rev. Steven Houck, home missionary pastor at Lansing, Michigan will speak at the Jenison High School Auditorium on “Return to Historic Calvinism.” A recording of this lecture can be obtained by sending $3.00 to the RFPA, P.O. Box 6064, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. 

At the risk of forfeiting my right to the trust of the below-mentioned pastor (who would prefer to remain anonymous) we submit the following bulletin announcement: “We would express a special word of thanks to Mr. C. Kalsbeek who so kindly returned the pastor’s check which was inadvertently sent to him. Mr. Kalsbeek neither asked for nor received a reward. We trust he will be printing none of this in his’ column in theStandard Bearer.” Though I was very hesitant to publish that announcement, I felt it was necessary because the incident reveals a serious misunderstanding that should be cleared up: When I made a plea for news a few columns ago, I did not have items of a personal, financial nature in mind.