If you have a copy of this year’s Acts and Yearbook of Synod, please make the following change on page 143: Rev. Kortering’s telephone number should read—(616) 538-2575. This will greatly reduce the number of telephone calls to the person at the 2572 telephone number.

Rev. Bruinsma and family have been visiting the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for a few weeks. In a letter to the congregation of First Church, in Grand Rapids, Rev. Bruinsma wrote, “. . . First of all, the congregation in Waterworks has had a new beginning . . . . Since there was no available building in this district the remaining deacon and the faithful decided to purchase a little 8′ by 10′ shop and then expand on it as funds came in. The first Sunday scheduled for services arrived and I was a little doubtful that many would come. To my surprise about 50 people attended church that night. About 30 crammed into the little shanty and another 20 hung in the windows and doors. I’m sure many of these were just curious on-lookers, but for 3 Sundays now we have been drawing the same people. Because of this response the members of this congregation are now expanding the building to a large 12′ by 16′. They are having a hard time financing their building (total cost $600.00, U.S.) but they are enthused and determined to make a go of it. I have been spending much time preaching in this church and I hope to begin a Bible study class there soon, too!

“A further item of news is that I have made contacts with a few people outside the confines of our own churches here. I have met with two men from Kingston (Jamaica’s capital) who have quite an interest in Calvinism. I intend to keep in touch with them in hopes of a future labor in Kingston . . . .”

In regards to the missionary work in Jamaica, and in accordance with the decision of the last Synod that a co-worker be found for Rev. Bruinsma by October 1 or else he would be called home and made eligible for a call, the Jamaican Committee has contacted other ministers as to their willingness and ability to labor on the field. Since no one could go this year, the consistory of First Church has released their pastor for this work and the Council will send Rev. Joostens to labor in Jamaica with Rev. Bruinsma for six months beginning October 1. Prof. Decker has agreed to preach the Heidelberg Catechism for First Church and Rev. Lubbers has agreed to teach Rev. Joostens’ catechism classes.

Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers are in the Houston, Texas area in order that Rev. Lubbers might preach in our Trinity Protestant Reformed Church for the first four Sundays of September.

Our seminary has two new pre-sem students and four returning students who will be graduating, D.V., this year. We pray that God will add new students in the near future.

The Bookstore reports growing interest in this adventure. Though there are some slow days, others have been busy. A number of our own publications have been sold to many who are not members of our denomination. If you have not been to the store, your visits will be appreciated.

All of our schools have opened for the year. Heritage School in Hudsonville, Michigan, has also opened its new doors for the school year. In addition, Heritage will also have an exciting event take place on September 19, at the school. This scheduled date is for the cornerstone laying and dedication service of the school.

The teachers will hold their convention in Doon, Iowa this year from October 16-18.

The Federation Board of Protestant Reformed School Societies sponsored an exciting mini-course this summer on “Writing Across the Curriculum.” The enthusiasm of the speakers and the active teacher participation was an evidence of the sincere desire to improve the instruction of our children.