Trivia question

Which church was organized in 1932 as the third Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids? Find the answer later in this column.


Minister activities

Rev. J. Smidstra (First PRC, Holland) received the call to Hudsonville PRC and, after consideration, declined it on February 14. Kalamazoo PRC formed a new trio consisting of: Revs. M. DeBoer (Edgerton, MN), E. Guichelaar (Randolph, WI), and J. Laning (Hull, IA). Rev. Guichelaar received this call.

A trio was formed by the consistory of Wingham, Ontario consisting of Rev. N. Langerak, Rev. J. Smidstra, and Rev. S. Regnerus. On February 23, the congregation called Rev. Smidstra. May God supply the needs of these congregations in His time and with His servant.


Congregational activities

The Council of Byron Center, MI called the congregation to a special evening of praise, gratitude, encouragement, and fellowship in early February. Rev. G. Eriks (pastor of neighboring Unity PRC) agreed to bring a short word from the Scriptures along with songs of praise and prayers. The congregation looked forward to spending some time together as they prepared to hear the reassuring and comforting words that the Lord Jesus Christ continues to rule all things perfectly, even during uncertain and difficult times. The Council expressed gratitude that the Classical Committee assigned Rev. G. Eriks to be Byron Center PRC’s moderator during their time being vacant. Rev. Eriks will offer advice when requested and also approve of certain matters.

Byron Center, MI PRC held their annual Mystery Dinner on February 20.

The Council of Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA decided to move their morning worship time to 10:00 a.m. beginning Sunday, February 14. Also, a game night for the Young People and Young Adults was held February 19.

From the bulletin of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD: “New Year, new Heritage PRC website! Along with a new look you can now find us at our new personalized domain,! Feedback may be given to any member of the Evangelism Committee. Please use the new site to tell your friends who we are and about opportunities to worship with us.”

From Randolph, WI PRC: “Please reserve Friday evening, April 16, for a spring presentation hosted by the Evangelism Committee. This year the Evangelism Committee is planning to have an individual from the Trinitarian Bible Society come to speak on the King James Version, and compare it to some popular modern translations such as the NIV and ESV.”

Georgetown PRC (Hudsonville, MI) is considering expansion of her building. From her bulletin recently we learn of this through her Council: “The results of the recent survey regarding church expansion vs. a daughter church showed that of the 76 responses there were 61 in favor of expansion of the building and 15 in favor of starting a daughter church. With the need for additional storage space and more classrooms, the Council has appointed a committee to investigate the future building needs of the congregation. We will have more information at a later date.”

A group from First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI is again making plans to camp at Wabasis Campground this summer, from Wednesday to Saturday, August 4-7.

Everyone was invited to a presentation by Rev. Daniel Holstege after the evening service at Grace PRC on February 21 on the mission work in the Philippines over the last two years.


Sister-church activities

Update: Sadly, because of COVID uncertainty, the British Reformed Fellowship Family Conference has been rescheduled from this summer to July 9-16, 2022. Profs. David Engelsma and Brian Huizinga will develop the glorious truth of “Union With Christ” at Castlewellan Castle, Northern Ireland. More details are online (

From Maranatha PRC in the Philippines:

It is with great joy and love to the Lord to submit ourselves to the will of Christ, the King of the Church. First, the Consistory is officially informing our members that the Classis of the PRCP has approved the Emeritation of Rev. L. Trinidad effective February 28, 2021 due to his advancing age. Second, it is with great sadness to officially announce the disbanding of our church effective March 1, 2021.

The Lord has led us and our congregation [to this point] because of the lack of eligible men to serve in the special offices of our church at this time. As a result, we are transferring our membership to Provident PRC. In March 2021 the members will join the worship services at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. by live-stream broadcast via Facebook due to pandemic, and still under General Community Quarantine. Although our congregation is disbanding, we by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ continue clinging to His precious Word of mercy and kindness. Please continue to pray for us.


Young people’s activities

The Cornerstone PRC Young People will be hosting a co-ed dodgeball tournament on Friday, March 19.

At Randolph, WI the young people held a Little Caesar’s pizza, bread, and cookie dough fundraiser to raise funds for the PRYP’s convention.


A glance back in time—October, 1962

Classis West met in Edgerton, MN on September 19. Rev. J.A. Heys presided, and Rev. R.C. Harbach recorded the minutes. The church visitors reported a spirit of peace and harmony in our churches. The only other business before this meeting was the difficult task of assigning classical appointments. Because of the many vacant churches and the realization that the ministers must not be absent from their own pulpits too much, Classis decided to ask Classis East for help in supplying these vacant churches. The next meeting of Classis will, D.V., be in Doon, Iowa the third Wednesday in March. Signed by Rev. H. Veldman, Stated Clerk.

Report of Classis East held October 3 at Hudsonville, MI PRC: Rev. M. Schipper led in opening devotions. After the credentials were accepted and the Classis declared properly constituted, the Rev. G. Vos presided, while the Rev. Schipper recorded the minutes. The brethren: Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, Rev. G.C. Lubbers, Rev. J.A. Heys and Rev. G. VandenBerg were visitors at this meeting and were given advisory vote. The last two, with Elder L. Lanting of South Holland, were a committee from Classis West seeking aid from our Classis with respect to their classical appointment problem. The committee from Classis West requested that we assist them in drawing up a schedule for classical appointments. Classis decided to help them. The churches of Kalamazoo and Southeast having requested appointments also, the chair appointed a committee to meet with the committee from the West to draw up a schedule. Two of our congregations, namely, Creston and Grand Haven decided to dissolve. With sorrow and reluctance, the Classis approved of this action.


Trivia answer

The third PRC in the GR area was the Creston, MI PRC. It was organized in 1932 and disbanded in 1962 (see above). Its last pastor was the Rev. Bernard Woudenberg. More trivia next time.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3.