Oct. 20, 1959 

Rev: G. Lanting, of Grand Haven, received the call from Holland from a trio which included Revs. G. Lubbers and G. Vanden Berg. 

Rev. J. A. Heys, of Hull, is considering a call from South Holland. The other members of the trio were Revs. G. Vanden Berg and B. Woudenberg. 

Rev. G. Vanden Berg declined the call extended to him from Edgerton. 


October 7, 1959 

Hudsonville, Michigan 

Rev. G. Vos, chairman of the July Classis, led in the opening devotions. All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates except Creston and Grand Haven whose ministers only were present.

Rev. B. Woudenberg, following the order of rotation, presided at this session and acquitted himself well of his task. 

After the approval of the transcribed minutes of the July meeting, Classis listened to and received for information various reports from the Stated Clerk, the Classical Committee and the Committee for Church Visitation. 

The report of the Classical Committee revealed that the kev. J. A. Mc Collam had resigned from the ministry in the Protestant Reformed Churches and particularly from his pastorate in Holland. The Classical Committee had appointed Rev. G. Lanting to be the counselor of Holland and made arrangements for classical appointments to help this church in her need. 

The Church Visitors reported concerning the general well-being of the churches in Classis East. Our churches accordingly are prospering and experiencing the favor of God. 

Classis also considered several requests for classical appointments, two coming through Classis West to supply the churches in Randolph and South Holland, and one from Holland. Classis acted favorably and adopted the following schedule of appointments: 

HOLLAND — Oct. 18, M. Schipper; Oct. 25, H. Hanko; Nov. 1, Open; Nov. 8, G. Lanting ; Nov. 15, open; Nov. 22, G. Vos; Nov. 29, A. Mulder; Dec. 6, Open; Dec. 13, R. Veldman; Dec. 20, Open; Dec. 27, B. Woudenberg; Jan. 3, Open; Jan. 10, C. Hanko. 

RANDOLPH—Oct. 18, R. Veldman; Oct. 25, B. Woudenberg; Nov. 1, Open; Nov. 8, Open; Nov. 15, M. Schipper; Nov. 22, H. Hanko; Nov. 29, C. Hanko; Dec. 6, Open; Dec. 13, G. Lanting; Dec. 20, G. Vos; Dec 27, Open; Jan. 3, Open; Jan. 10, A. Mulder. 

SOUTH HOLLAND — Oct. 18, A. Mulder; Oct: 25, C. Hanko; Nov. 1, G. Vos; Nov. 8, Open; Nov. 15, R. Veldman; Nov. 22, Open; Nov. 29, B. Woudenberg; Dec. 6, Open; Dec. 13, Open; Dec. 20, M. Schipper; Dec. 27, H. Hanko; Jan. 3, Open; Jan. 10, G. Lanting. 

Classis West also requested two sermons from each minister in Classis East to be used in their reading services. This request was granted. 

First Church of Grand Rapids requested that Classis East discontinue publishing a report of their sessions by means of a fly-leaf in The Standard Bearer, and inform Classis West of the action if adopted. Classis decided to instruct the Stated Clerk to send this material to the News Editor of The Standard Bearerfor inclusion in his column. Two reasons moved Classis to take this step. One, considerable expense will be saved for our churches. Two, our people will have a permanent record of the actions of Classis rather than one that can be easily lost on a fly-leaf. Classis West was also informed of this action and it is hoped they will follow the same procedure. 

First Church also asked for the increase of censure. After the necessary light had been shed, Classis decided to grant the request.

The Consistory of Loveland presented Classis with a letter informing the churches of Classis East of their great financial need incurred recently by the procuring of a minister and a parsonage. Classis decided to grant their request to ask for collections in our churches to help them in their need. 

Rev. R. Veldman was appointed to thank the ladies of our Hudsonville Church for their excellent catering services. 

Classis decided to meet next time on January 6th in First Church. 

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

After the chairman expressed appreciation for the cooperation he received in this session of Classis and after he expressed the hope and prayer that God bless our decisions, Elder P. Schipper of Holland closed the meeting with thanksgiving. 

REV. M. SCHIPPER, Stated Clerk 

The Office Bearers’ Conference held October 6 at Hudsonville was well attended. Rev. G. Lanting, from Grand Haven, gave an excellent speech on the topic; “Praying For Those In Authority” as found in I Tim. 2:1-2. After recess the reverend answered many questions regarding his subject. The evening proved to be one of spiritual benefit and edification. 

Rev. G. Vanden Berg, from Oak Lawn, is conducting all of the catechism classes in South Holland. 

An excerpt from Hope’s bulletin: “Yesterday (Oct. 17) Rev. and Mrs. H. Hanko brought their baby to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment of spinal meningitis. Not too much is known at this point as to his condition.” 

Both the Eastern and Western Ladies’ Leagues and Mr. and Mrs. League held meetings in the month of October. Those, and other reports, will probably be found in the next issue. 

Hope P.T.A., held October 9, featured a round table discussion on “Foreign languages in the elementary school.” 

The Mr. and Mrs. Society of Hudsonville held a coffee recently to help defray the expenses of remodeling the basement of their church. 

See you in church . . .