The Radio Committee rendered a program Feb. 12 which was a “Progress Report of 1959.” The Committee president, Mr. George Yonker Sr. led in opening prayer, and then introduced the master of ceremonies, Mr. Charles Kregel, who introduced the various participants in the order of the program. Rev. R. Veldman, chairman of the Mission Committee told of the cooperation between his committee and that of the Radio; and. of the new station in the Virgin Islands, the latest venture of the Mission Committee. Miss Lubertha Bykerk, the corresponding secretary, read some letters sent in by people, not members of our churches; and Mr. Ken Bylsma gave the financial report. The rest of the program consisted of numbers given by the various musicians who furnish the music on our radio broadcasts, including a male octet from Hope which is a newcomer to our staff of musicians. Solos, duos, and group singing utilized this opportunity to render songs of praise worship. After the program the audience was invited to inspect the new $5,000.00 equipment, and to have refreshments in the church parlors. The weather and the bad driving was no deterrent to the good crowd gathered there, and we predict that next year the committee will draw a still bigger audience. 

The news from Edgerton: Serviceman John Brands returned home after two years of army service, one year of which was spent in Germany. Jan. 20 the Men’s Society met in combined meeting with that of Doon studying the first chapter of Revelation, and after recess the program was furnished, by the visitors. Jan. 16 the “old” and the “new” consistory members and their wives were entertained in the parsonage. The congregation was happy to see their senior elder (he is 82) back in the elder’s pew-after recovering from two operations in the last three months. 

Rev. Ophoff is grateful for continued improvement and also for the experience of God’s unfailing grace. First’s congregation was happy to learn that Rev. Hanko declined the call to Redlands: Rev. Hoeksema and Rev. Hanko are preaching a series of Lenten sermons under the general theme, “Christ on Trial.” Yesterday, Mrs. Rottschafer, the second oldest member of First Church, celebrated the 93rd anniversary of her birthday—indeed, there are still “giants” in these days!

Sunday, Feb. 8, the Holland Y.P. Society was host to that of Hudsonville. Rev. McCollam led the Bible discussion from Acts.22, and the Hudsonville society furnished the after recess program. —The Hope P.T.A. was privileged to view pictures taken by Miss Borduin on her world cruise. 

Hull’s Men’s Society travelled to Doon to meet with the society there. All of the men, though not members, were invited to meet with them. 

Feb. 16 the Holland Men’s Society were guests at South West. Mr. B. Windemuller of Holland gave an essay on “Jehovah’s Witnesses” on the after recess program. 

We note, with approval, that, among others, Hope’s and Oak Lawn’s bulletins announce that the offering received at the time of Communion is a “Thank offering,” and announce the purpose for which it is offered. We hear that some people think the offering is taken to defray communion expenses, but when everyone knows that it is designed to be a “thank offering” it ought to bring such response that it should be the largest offering of the month. 

Kalamazoo’s Y.P. Society had planned a toboggan party to which the society of First Church was invited, but they were disappointed because they were unable to come. 

Rev. Harbach’s bulletin warns his people that Station W.P.U.G. (which carries our radio program) is considering the possibility of curtailing all the religious programs during the week. Fear rises that such curtailment would lead to the barring of Sunday religious programs in the future, so Lynden’s church members are asked to join other Christians in the County to write the station telling it of their preference for religious programs at all times. 

Oak Lawn cancelled the Y.P. Society meeting of Feb. 8 to join South Holland in a Singspiration. The proceeds were put into the “1959 Convention Fund” purse. A meeting was called Feb. 12th in the parsonage to complete the plans for the convention. On the evening of the 13th the ’58 and ’59 consistory members and their wives were entertained in the parsonage, and the subject, “The Signs of the Times” was discussed. 

After spending three Sundays in Redlands, Rev. and Mrs. VanBaren left for home Feb. 9. Back to his own congregation in Doon who, during his absence, conducted one reading service and one led by Rev. Heys each Sunday. 

Redlands has nominated the following trio from which to call a minister: Revs. G. VanBaren, G. VandenBerg, and H. Veldman. 

Rev. and Mrs. R. Veldman were hosts to each of the societies as they came to inspect the new parsonage at 1543 Cambridge. And on Wednesday, Feb. 3, all those who had not previously had the opportunity were invited to pay them a visit; thus all the members of the congregation might see the parsonage for which they had so generously given. 

Southeast and Creston’s Y.P. Societies met in combined meeting Sunday afternoon, Feb. 15. The portion of Scripture under discussion was, “When a wicked man dieth, his expectation shall perish; and the hope of the unjust man perisheth.” Prov. 11:7

From Edgerton we learn that the new clerk is William Buys, and the new treasurer is Henry Hendricks. The address of both is, Edgerton, Minn. 

Doon’s new clerk is H.J. Blankespoor, George, Iowa; and new treasurer is Peter VandenTop, Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

. . . . see you in church.