Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Activities

At a congregational meeting on October 15, the congregation of the Peace PR Church of Lynwood, IL decided to purchase 3.5 acres of land. Presently, Peace is meeting in the auditorium of the Illiana Christian High School in Lansing, IL. It goes without saying that any congregation desires to have its own home church sanctuary. Doubtless this is also true of Peace. This purchase represents the first step down that road to a church home.

Also concerning Peace Church we should mention here that in mid-December their Choral Soceity invited the congregation to their annual Christmas program.

The Church Choir of the Loveland, CO PRC presented their Christmas program on Sunday, December 15th. This year’s program was comprised exclusively of selections from Handel’s “Messiah.” Not only were there several chorus selections, but there were all the usual soloists: soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. All this from a choir which, according to our 1991 yearbook, consists of just 24 members. Definitely no small accomplishment. The student body of Loveland Christian School also sang three songs as a special number.

The Council of the Southwest PRC of Grandville, MI approved the public signing of the Formula of Subscription before the congregation at the time of installation of officebearers into the office of Christ. By doing so, Southwest intended to underscore the responsibility of the officebearers to uphold the truth of God’s Word interpreted in our Three Forms of Unity.

The congregation of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA recently sponsored a lecture given by Rev. Dale Kuiper, pastor of the Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada. Rev. Kuiper spoke on the subject, “The Will of God: One or Two?” While Rev. Kuiper was in Redlands for this lecture he, along with Rev. R. Moore, pastor of the Hull, IA PRC, conducted church visitation there on that same weekend. And both of the visiting ministers preached one service in Hope Church on Sunday.

The congregation of the South Holland, IL PRC approved a proposal to replace their church’s furnace and air conditioners.

Young People’s Activities

The evening of December 22, the Young People’s Societies of our churches in Illinois (Bethel, Peace, and South Holland) met at South Holland for a combined Christmas meeting. Each society gave, a special number. There was carol singing and a group discussion of Matthew 2:1-12, as well as refreshments afterwards.

News from Singapore

We thought our readers would like some more highlights from one of the Korterings’ letters written to their congregation in Grandville, MI.

In a recent letter, Rev. Kortering writes that he will be preaching at a combined service on Christmas morning. He writes: “This will be quite special for us, because it will be my first experience presenting the message in English and having it translated into Chinese Mandarin, Quite a number of young members have parents who are not Christians and can speak only Chinese. They like to take advantage of these opportunities to have them hear the message of Christ. I plan to make a sermon on Luke 2:11, ‘A Savior is Born.'”

School Activities

On December 19 the students of the South Holland, IL PR Christian School presented their All-School Christmas Program. The students developed the theme, “Worthy is the Lamb.”

Mission Activities

Rev. Cammenga, pastor of the Loveland, CO PRC showed slides of his recent trip to Northern Ireland to his congregation after an evening service in late December.

We should also mention here that Rev. Kamps, pastor of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI filled a classical appointment the first two Sundays of the new year in Venice, FL.

And Rev. G. VanBaren, of our Hudsonville, MI PRC, filled a classical appointment of three Sundays to the Covenant Reformed Fellowship of Larne, Northern Ireland.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC reported recently that they received their first letters from Russia.

Several months ago it was reported here that the Hudsonville, MI RRC began taking video recordings of their services for the purpose of sending them on to Larne, Northern Ireland. Well, since that time the video program of Hudsonville has expanded so that now videos are regularly sent not only to Northern Ireland, but to Tasmania, and Ft. Wayne, IN as well.

Ministerial Calls

Only one call to report on for this issue. Prof. H. Hanko declined the call he had been considering from the Southeast PRC of Grand Rapids, MI.