Trivia question

Of the ministers currently serving in the Protestant Reformed Churches, four have last names beginning with the letter “S.” Can you name them? Answer later in this column.


Minister activities

Rev. D. Holstege (PRC missionary to the Philippines) received and considered the call to Kalamazoo PRC. Rev. Holstege announced on December 20 that God had led him to decline the call and to remain a foreign missionary to the Philippines. Rev. Holstege, along with his wife and children, left the Philippines Wednesday, December 16, for his missionary furlough in the U.S. (until June 30, 2021). According to Doon’s bulletin (calling church), “During this time they plan to live in the Grand Rapids, MI area while Rev. Holstege spends the bulk of his time preparing for future seminary courses he will teach.” May the Lord grant them a time of refreshment while here. While Rev. Holstege and family are in furlough, Rev. J. Flores, Rev. V. Ibe, and Rev. L. Trinidad will fill the pulpit of Providence PRC along with Rev. D. Kleyn and Rev. R. Smit. Rev. D. Holstege will continue to teach catechism for Provident via Zoom.

Rev. A. Spriensma (PRC home missionary) received the call to Cornerstone PRC (Dyer, IN). On December 20 Rev. Spriensma announced his acceptance of that call. We are thankful with the congregation there that God has supplied for them an undershepherd! Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon, IA) received and considered the call to Wingham PRC. On December 20, Rev. Engelsma announced that God had led him to decline that call and to remain in Doon.

Prof. R. Dykstra and his wife Carol arrived in Singapore in mid-December for their extended stay to assist our sister church there, Covenant ERCS. After arrival, they had to quarantine for two weeks. We pray that they might be used of the Lord for the good of our sister church.

From Northern Ireland and Ireland: Rev. A. Stewart continues to minister the Word to the saints in Ballymena after another recent lock-down. They are back to worshiping in person, for which they and we thank the Lord! Also, missionary-pastor M. McGeown continues to bring the gospel to the saints in Limerick.

A faithful servant of the Lord, Rev. Jason Kortering was taken by God to his eternal home on December 20. Rev. Kortering was ordained in 1960 and served congregations in Hull, IA (twice), Hope, Walker, MI, Hope in Redlands, CA, Loveland, CO, and Grandville, MI along with holding the position of minister-on-loan to Singapore. Rev. Kortering became emeritus in 2002 after 42 years of service in our churches.


Denominational activities

Classis East convened Wednesday, January 13 with a weighty agenda. Classis West will meet next in March, now at Peace PRC in Dyer, IN.


Young people’s activities

The young people of Randolph, WI PRC hosted a singspiration on January 10. All were invited for an evening of praise to God through voice and instrument. A collection was taken to defray the cost for the young people of the congregation going to the upcoming PR YP’s convention. Refreshments followed in the church basement.


Congregational news

A new boiler system was installed in Hudsonville, MI PRC in early January.


School activities

The Eastside Christian School online auction is scheduled for February 10.


Trivia answer

The four active ministers whose last name begins with the letter “S” are: Rev. Justin Smidstra (First PRC of Holland, MI), Rev. Richard Smit (missionary to the Philippines), Rev. Audred Spriensma (Cornerstone PRC of Dyer, IN), and Rev. Clayton Spronk (Faith PRC in Jenison, MI). And Rev. James Slopsema who is retired, but still very active too. More trivia next time.


Encouragement for the new year

And therefore our soul beats no retreat from fear at what is to come, even when presently the new century is ushered in, because our heart knows, that that same God who was King in the century that went by, shall also be what He is in the century that comes, and in that century too He shall reveal Himself as God Almighty. Years hasten on, centuries come and go, but our God remains the same, in whose hand the heart of kings is as the rivers of water, and with whom the nations are counted as small dust of the balance and as a drop of a bucket.

Abraham Kuyper, from “I Am That I Am,” in Keep Thy Solemn Feasts

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.