Rev. Meindert Joostens, pastor of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan has accepted a call from First Church in Grand Rapids to serve as their pastor. 

The consistory of our church in Edgerton, Minnesota, has granted the request of the Foreign Mission Committee of our churches that their pastor, Rev. James Slopsema, be released for a period of one to two months in order that he might labor in Singapore. The Mission Committee has received a plea for help from a group of about one hundred young adults there to organize them into a church and to instruct them in God’s Word. Rev. Slopsema and Mr. Dewey Engelsma of our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan, plan to leave sometime near the middle of March, depending on how quickly things can be arranged. The purpose of this visit is to investigate the situation in Singapore first-hand with a view toward sending a missionary to labor in Singapore. The Edgerton consistory has asked the congregation “to remember this very important work in their prayers and also to patiently bear with any inconvenience the absence of the pastor may cause.” 

Rev. John Heys, pastor of our church in Holland, Michigan, had open heart surgery on February 22. According to reports in the Southwest and Hudsonville bulletins Rev. Heys is coming along very well. 

According to another report in the Hudsonville bulletin, Rev. VanOverloop, who is working and preaching in Christchurch, New Zealand, for about nine months, is enjoying the fruits and vegetables he and his family are gathering from their garden. To those of us in the Midwest, this gardening activity comes as a bit of a shock. We can hardly find our gardens which are buried under two or more feet of snow! 

The latest new church building news from our Southwest Church is as follows: “The building is closed in, the roof is on, the windows are in and it looks like a church building now. You can walk inside and when you do you will see that it is BIG. (We suggest that you wear boots on the site.)” The need for boots may mean that there is a bit of mud and snow on the building site. 

The following appeared in the February 19 edition of the Hudsonville bulletin: “Attention Senior Citizens! Come to the coffeeklets on Tuesday morning between 9:30 and 11:00. Wij hopen eeen gezellig uurtje met elkander door te brengen.” The meaning of the last sentence is left to those readers who can master the appropriate foreign language. 

The requirement of the Church Order that each local congregation receive an annual visit by ‘church visitors’ appointed by the Classis means quite a bit of travel for the church visitors in Classis West. Rev. Kortering of Redlands, California, and Rev. Engelsma of South Holland, Illinois, planned to visit the churches in Isabel, South Dakota, Loveland, Colorado, Houston, Texas, Randolph, Wisconsin, and South Holland, Illinois, between February 20 and the meeting of Classis West in South Holland on March 1. 

News of the work of church extension committees in various of our churches have appeared in the bulletins of late. The committee in our church in Loveland recently mailed out 550 copies of the pamphlet entitled “The Necessity of Scripture.” Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan, has been placing articles in the local ‘Shopper’ paper. Our church in Edmonton, Alberta, has purchased a new tape machine, the primary purpose of which is to produce high quality tapes for a local church radio program which the church has plans to set up. The congregation in Isabel, South Dakota, pays for one-half the cost of the Reformed Witness Hour radio program broadcast on a station in their area. This amounts to $5.95 per family per month. 

The young people of our South Holland congregation are quite busy with fund raising projects for the ’78 Young People’s Convention which they are hosting this summer. The project list includes a pizza sale, a roller skating party, a talent program, a work day, a salad luncheon, a paper drive, a garage sale, an ice cream social, a sub sandwich sale and more. And, the Redlands young people are already busy with projects to benefit the ’79 convention. They were planning a special-talent-request program for Sunday evening, March 5. 

A quiet thought from the Hudsonville bulletin, “Use of the Bible, like the practice of prayer, is an accurate spiritual barometer. Love of God and His Word go together.—Clowney”