News From Our Churches

Ministerial Trios and Calls

The congregation of the Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada has extended a call to Candidate M. Dick to serve as their next pastor.

Last year’s Synod appointed the Hope PRC of Walker, MI as the calling church for a minister-on-loan to the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore (ERCS). This pastor will have the status of associate pastor of Hope Church, and he will also be under the supervision and discipline of Hope Church. You may also be interested to note that the original term of service calls for a period of three years. This is subject to renewal for periods of two years with the consent of the pastor concerned, and at the discretion of Hope Church to whom the request of the ERCS will be directed.

The ERCS asked for a minister-on- loan to help them fill a need for assistance in doing mission work in Singapore itself as well as the possibility of doing work in other countries. There is also a need in dealing with various problems that have arisen within the Singapore churches, as well as a need for assistance in doing preparatory work for seminary instruction.

Now that Rev. J. Kortering and his wife have returned from Singapore, having completed a short-term supply to the churches there, Hope has begun, in earnest, to call a pastor-on-loan. Hope’s Council presented a trio to their congregation, consisting of the Revs. M. Kamps, J. Kortering, and G. VanBaren; and at a congregational meeting following Hope’s Prayer Day service on March 11, Hope extended a call to Rev. J. Kortering.

Since Rev. Kortering is now considering three calls (one to continue to serve as pastor of the Grandville, MI PRC; one from the Hudsonville, MI PRC to serve as a missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland; and one to service in Singapore), he sent a letter asking for an extension to consider Hudsonville’s call. The Lord willing, he will answer these calls on April 12 – which means that many of our readers will know the answer Rev. Kortering gives before this “News” even comes out.

Young People’s Activities

Our March 15th installment of the “News” contained an item about the young people in our Faith PRC in Jenison, MI and their Apple Pie phone-a-thon fund-raising project. Well, let me start out by saying, What a Project! These young people sold 1,850 nine inch apple pies. Of course, selling pies is one thing, making them is something else. On Saturday, March 14, the young people, with lots of help from their parents, as well as from Great Lakes Fundraisers Inc., met in the gym of Heritage Christian School. They started at 7:30 AM, and work continued until 4:00 PM, followed by a clean-up committee until around 730 at night.

You really had to see it to believe it. Heritage’s gym was transformed into a pie factory.

Great Lakes Fundraisers provided everything from the Michigan Ida Red apples to the hair nets and gloves. There were machines that cored, peeled, and sliced up the apples. Then, in assembly-like fashion, the pies were made and boxed.

Without doubt, Faith did an excellent job. We probably haven’t seen the last of this fundraiser. After all, I can attest to the fact that apple pies don’t last forever.

Congregational Highlights

Prof. D. Engelsma traveled to Pella, IA on Friday, March 13, at the request of the Pella PRC to give a public lecture at the Central College Chapel, entitled, “Genesis 1-11: Myth or History?”

The congregation of the Southeast PRC of Grand Rapids, MI was invited to an open house of their newly renovated parsonage after their Prayer Day Service.

On Tuesday evening, February 25, the congregation of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI met for an hour of fellowship to welcome the Higgs and Laning families and to show support and appreciation for their seminary students. It appears from the bulletins of Hope that presently Hope has four of its members who are preparing for the gospel ministry.

Since Rev. C. Terpstra, pastor of the South Holland, IL PRC, was on a classical appointment to the Hope PRC of Isabel, SD over Prayer Day, the Council of the Peace PRC of Lansing, IL, South Holland’s closest church neighbor, extended an invitation to South Holland’s congregation to worship with them on that evening.