Trivia question

Have you ever heard of a baby growing two pounds in one night?! Check out the church profile and see what actually happened! More trivia next time.


Minister activities

Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC) declined the call from Wingham PRC. From a new trio consisting of Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon, IA), Rev. J. Laning (Hull, IA), and Rev. N. Langerak (Crete, IL), Wingham called Rev. Engelsma. Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon PRC) declined the call from Hudsonville PRC. Hudsonville then formed the trio of Rev. W. Bruinsma (Pittsburgh PRC), Rev. R. Kleyn (Spokane, WA), and Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC) with Rev. Spronk receiving the call on November 12. Cornerstone PRC (Dyer, IN) formed a new trio of Rev. J. Smidstra (First PRC, Holland), Rev. A. Spriensma (PRC home missionary), and Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC). From this trio Rev. Spriensma received Cornerstone’s call. May God guide these men to make the decision that is in harmony with His will.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3