News From Our Churches

Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

In evangelism news this month we find that the Evangelism Committee of the First PRC in Holland, MI has just finished work on the translation and publication of another of our PR pamphlets into Spanish. It is Rev. S. Houck’s “Knowing the True God” (Conociendo Al Verdadero Dios). First is excited about this new edition because they believe it will serve as a good basic pamphlet to introduce the gospel to Spanish-speaking people.

Congregation Activities

On December 14 approximately thirty families, primarily from the Hudsonville, MI PRC, met in their church’s Fellowship Hall to discuss in an informal manner a possible interest in being part of a new daughter congregation. In November those families had responded positively to a survey sent out by Hudsonville’s consistory, and they were meeting together for the first time in an effort to gauge overall interest in starting such a project. Of those thirty families, about half expressed enough interest in the idea of a daughter congregation to allow Hudsonville to consider them when it comes to appointing men to serve on a steering committee sometime in the future, and have them take this idea to the next level. Much discussion centered in just where this new church should be located if it did become a reality. Two areas seemed to receive the most support. Perhaps in the city of Hudsonville itself, or maybe about five to ten miles south of the city in the Jamestown-Forest Grove area. Hudsonville’s consistory now has to evaluate the overall interest shown at this meeting and decide in what direction to go.

Each December all the adult Bible societies of the Hudsonville, MI PRC hold a joint meeting to study a portion of Scripture centered in the birth of Christ. This year’s joint meeting was sponsored by Hudsonville’s Men Society. For an after-recess program they arranged to have a Rev. Burt Subramanian and his wife, Janet, come and speak to them. He is pastor of a Bible Presbyterian Church in Singapore and is in this country to learn how to set up and manage a Bible School, which he hopes to do back in Singapore later this year. They gave a very interesting account of their journey out of the Hindu religion into the truth of the Reformed faith. What a wonderful testimony of the grace and saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ, how He used this couple and their witness over the years to bring many to a saving faith, and how He is now building His church there in Singapore.

The Choral Society of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI presented their annual Christmas concert December 5. A special number was given by a brass quartet, and a collection was taken for the Building Fund of Covenant PRC in Northern Ireland.

The following week, December 12, members of the Loveland, CO PRC, as well as those of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, were invited to come and celebrate, with their respective Choral Societies, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mission Activities

Rev. J. Mahtani, our home missionary in the Eastern United States, preached December 5 for the Fayetteville Reformed Fellowship in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In addition to preaching twice on Sunday, he also had opportunity to visit with the FRF families, establish new contacts, and hold Bible Studies which dealt with the Canons of Dordt. For your information, the FRF is a group of several families who worship together and are in agreement with our churches in doctrine and practice.

Sister-Church Activities

This month, the Lord willing, our sister churches in Singapore will teach the first course in their Evangelical Reformed Bible School in Singapore. This course will be taught by Prof. H. Hanko and will deal with the subject of “Reformation History.” This course was scheduled to meet for about 15 weeks and could be taken on two levels. One could take the course for credit, which would involve attending faithfully, taking notes, writing review tests and exams, doing outside reading, and submitting a paper, or he could audit the course, if he chose to sit in on the lectures but not be accountable by means of test and writing papers.

Minister Activities

The Hull, IA PRC has extended a call to Rev. Doug Kuiper, pastor of the Byron Center, MI PRC, to serve as their next pastor. Along with Pastor Kuiper, the trio included also the Revs. Kenneth Koole and Thomas Miersma.