It happens that, because of an unusual summer schedule, this column was written on June 12—which shouldn’t really make a particle of difference, since the Standard Bearer news is never current anyway. I just finished my copy for the July 1 issue, and I find that I still have some material left over. I figured that, if it would have been good enough for July news, it ought to be good enough for the August column too. (What we need is a new news writer.)

Let’s start with an item which could have made the May 1 issue. On March 34 Rev. Slopsema, pastor of our Edgerton congregation, led the chapel services at Edgebrook Rest Center. Students from the lower room of our Edgerton Protestant Reformed School, provided the special number.

On May 2, the Young People’s Federation Board sponsored a Church League “All-Star” basketball game in Grandville Junior High School Gymnasium. Special half-time entertainment was a volleyball game which pitted the Federation Board members against the students of the Seminary.

On May 7 the young people of Faith and Hope sponsored a casserole supper in Hope School’s Gym. Donations were “for transportation expenses for three girls to go to the convention from Houston, Texas.”

On Sunday evening, May 11, the people of our Loveland congregation enjoyed a singspiration, directed by Mr. Gerald Kuiper. Special numbers included an accordion/piano/organ instrumental trio, singing by the Men’s Quartet, and a couple of songs by the lower grades of the Sunday School.

On May 16, Adams Street Protestant Reformed School held its 25th Anniversary program. Numbers by the school’s advanced band, and its two choirs, preceded a very fine speech by Prof. Decker. The speech was entitled, “No Greater Joy.” The program in its entirety was taped by Mr. Henry Vander Wal. Mr. Vander Wal, incidentally, has graciously offered, too, to make tapes of that program available on request through the offices of the R.F.P.A. They sell for $3 a copy—for either reel-to-reel or cassette.

On May 21, the band of Covenant Christian High School, and the Junior High band of Hope School gave a combined concert in Grandville Junior High Gym. And on Sunday evening, June 1, Covenant’s Music Department presented a concert in First Church. The program included numbers by the band, by the school choir, and finally by the choir as it was joined by various alumni who had themselves once been part of the choir.

From the May 25 bulletin of Faith Church we s learn that the consistory there has decided that the entire congregation will join in unison in the confession of faith as it is found in the Apostle’s Creed.

And a June 8 bulletin from Hudsonville noted that that consistory had decided “to continue for a time the song service for ten minutes before the morning service.”

How about this after-recess topic of discussion in an end-of-the-season Senior Young People’s Society of Hope Church—”Is Vacation From Society Necessary?”

Near the beginning of May, as we learn from a Hull bulletin, Rev. Kortering and Rev. Moore spent a few days in Omaha and Beatrice, Nebraska, to meet with groups there who had shown interest in our churches.

I imagine that that interest came in response to efforts of the Reformed Witness Committee, of “Doon, Edgerton, and Hull. That committee plans, by the way, to hold five lectures in the Rock Valley area next fall and winter. Plans are, too, to send pamphlets to all the boxholders and residences in that town and the countryside.

An early June bulletin from Jenison, indicates that Faith Church’s consistory has decided to participate with Hope Church in the publishing of the article entitled “A Truly Reformed Meditation” which appears bi-weekly in three of the area newspapers. Rev. Joostens will contribute periodic meditations for that purpose, and the cost of publishing is to be shared by the two congregations.

Then there’s one final announcement from the Field Day committee:

“Don’t forget the Field Day. Still time to come and unite with fellow-Protestant Reformed brethren in the praise of our God for His faithfulness. Douglas-Walker Park, 84th St. between Byron Center a and U.S. 131. Come at noon and enjoy a full day of Christian fellowship.”


Editor’s Note: This copy was written early because our News Editor has left with his wife for an extended (six-week) trip to the Northwest United States and the Orient. Their plans are to visit several countries in the Orient, but to return in time to report on the Anniversary celebrations scheduled for this month. We bid them Godspeed and refreshment during their sorely needed vacation.