Dear Brethren and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ: 

Here are two more photos for you. The first one was made at the Lord’s Day 17/4/1983 after the service, in the church. You see Rev. John A. Heys and Mrs. Heystogether with the Brethren and Sisters, and some of their children, from Wellington and Palmerston North. 

The second one was made at the Palmerston North Railway Station, when the Silverfern-Express from Wellington to Auckland (a total of twelve hours traveling) stopped there at 10:30 A.M. Palmerston North Railway station which gave some of the Palmerston North people the opportunity to say farewell to Rev. John A. Heys and Mrs. Heys. The following day they would go to Singapore, and some days later to Tokyo, and finally to the U.S.A., going to see their married children and—back home—the Holland Congregation. 

Quite a few tears were shed. 

Yours in the love of Christ, 

J. P. deKlerk