Dear Brethren and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ: 

Allow me, as a member of the Palmerston-North Protestant Reformed Fellowship in New Zealand, to show you two pictures made on 17 April 1983, at 4:30 P.M. 

The Fellowships of Wellington and Palmerston-North had come together in the church in Lower Hutt (hired from the Lutherans) to hear the last sermon of Rev. John A. Heys in this country. We were there with a lot of people—the Walter Street was filled up with all the cars. The weather was beautiful. With Mrs. Heys behind the organ we were singing the Psalters, as with one voice. Some of us had tears in our eyes. 

Rev. Heys had chosen Phil. 2:12, 13 from the Scriptures as the basis for his theme, encouraging us to remain steadfast in the faith during the absence of the shepherd. Our salvation lies in the word obedience. Until the day that Christ comes back. Outside, the light of the day slowly disappeared; inside the church a depressed feeling crept in, the awareness that the hour of saying farewell was approaching—fast, O, too fast. 

After the service, in the hall, a supper was organized by the ladies, very much appreciated and enjoyed. Some of us had not seen other for years, others had never met before. But we all agreed about the fact that nobody had ever brought us such wonderful sermons like those of Rev. Heys. To God be all the praise and honour and glory, that you decided to send him to us. 

Yours in the love of Christ, 

J. P. de Klerk