Mr. Terpstra is secretary of the Board of the new Heritage Christian High School in South Holland, IL.

On Wednesday, August 22, 2001, at Calvary Reformed Church in South Holland, Illinois, approximately 650 people gathered to rejoice in the covenant faithfulness and blessing of our God in providing a new Protestant Reformed Christian high school for His people in Chicagoland. Board president, Earl Kamps, gave a brief introduction and welcome speech outlining the history of the movement in South Holland as well as the reason for the dedication ceremony. Mr. Kamps stated that 21 years ago a previous generation was led by the Lord to form an association for Protestant Reformed Christian secondary education because they knew we would not be able to use the existing Christian schools indefinitely. He spoke of the reason for the dedication ceremony as being a celebration of what God has done for us and to dedicate a Protestant Reformed Christian High School which will, by God’s grace, teach the truth to our covenant youth.

Rev. Steven Houck opened with prayer, after which the audience sang Psalter numbers 334 and 215.

The audience was also treated to a special number sung by the Heritage Christian High School student choir led by Mr. Don Terpstra. The enthusiastic singing of the covenant youth was truly an inspiration and encouragement to all who were present.

Our speaker was introduced as one of the originators of the Protestant Reformed Christian secondary education movement in Chicagoland. Prof. David Engel—sma spoke at length onNehemiah 4:6, applying the trials experienced by Nehemiah and the builders of Jerusalem’s walls to the present day movement to establish a Protestant Reformed Christian high school. Prof. Engelsma also gave words of encouragement from Scripture and examples from history to the gathering of parents, teachers, and supporters.

We sang Psalter number 425, during which an offering was taken. The proceeds from this offering were well over $20,000. Our Father in heaven has truly blessed us according to our need.

Rev. Allen Brummel closed with prayer, and the audience was invited to tour the facilities, located in the education wing adjoining the sanctuary of Calvary Reformed Church. What they saw was a like-new building, with amenities which included an assembly room, a school office, a computer lab, and fully furnished classrooms. They also became acquainted with the faculty and some of the support staff, who made themselves available to the visitors.  As the evening came to a close, no trumpet fanfare was heard, no ticker-tape parade was held, and no newspaper and television reporters were present, but rather the will of God was once again quietly but powerfully asserted and the glory and honor of His most holy name was set forth in this small corner of His world.

We here in the Chicagoland area pray that God will give us the strength to continue in the calling to instruct our covenant children in the truths afforded the Protestant Reformed Churches. We also covet your prayers for God’s blessing on our efforts as board, staff, and students. May all the glory, honor, and praise be to Him!