Evangelism Activities

With thanks to God, we can testify that the PRC is known for Reforma­tion Day lectures. This year, as in the past, many of our churches again sponsored lectures around the end of October. Thankfully, most of those lectures, if not all, will have been re­corded and will be available online, on CDs, or in print.

Lectures started this October on the 19th, when the members of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL sponsored a Reformation Day lecture at their church. Rev. S. Key, pastor of the Loveland, CO PRC, was this year’s featured speaker. Rev. Key spoke on the subject, “Amazing Grace: The Life of John Newton.”

That same evening, in Northern Ireland, Rev. A. Stewart, pastor of our sister church there, the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, NI, spoke on the subject, “Martin and Katie: The Reformation of Marriage.” This lecture told the story of the greatest romance of the Reforma­tion: the escaped nun, Katie von Bora, who married the former monk, Martin Luther, provoking the anger of many in Europe, including Henry VIII of England and the pope in Rome. Rev. Stewart promised to teach about their courtship, wedding, and family life, with its joys and struggles, and its significance for the Reformation, pastoral home life, and the Christian family. Slides of the key people and places in Germany were also shown.

The Evangelism Committee of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA spon­sored a lecture given by Prof. B. Grit­ters on October 26 at their church. Prof. Gritters spoke on the subject, “The Prince of Darkness Grim: The Reformed Teaching About Satan.”

Everyone from the Lynden, WA PRC was invited to a Reformation Day lecture on October 26 in their sanctu­ary. Rev. J. Marcus, pastor of the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada, spoke on the topic, “Scripture in the Hands of the People,” from I Timothy 3:16.

The members of our PR churches in Iowa were invited to an area-wide lecture on October 26 at the Hull, IA PRC. Rev. D. Kuiper, pastor of the Edgerton, MN PRC, spoke on “Guided into All Truth: The Formation of the Canon of Holy Scripture.” Some of the interesting questions that Rev. Kuiper promised to answer were: What do we mean by “Canon”? Which books are truly part of the Holy Scriptures? How can we be sure? By what process were the various inspired writings collected into the canon of Scripture? Was this an infallible process? Why can we be sure that no more inspired writings will be found anymore and have to be added to the Scriptures?

The Evangelism Committee of the Byron Center, MI PRC asked members of their congregation to invite their neighbors and friends to the evening worship service on Sunday, October 21. Byron’s pastor, Rev. A. Spriensma, was asked to preach a sermon on the believer’s obligation to the civil govern­ment. Byron Center believed that this was a timely topic, which could generate some interest in the community. Rev. Spriensma preached from the Word of God found in Romans 13:1-7, under the theme, “Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Kingdoms.”

Congregation Activities

With thanksgiving to God, the Heri­tage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD announced plans to close on a church building at 3800 E. 15th St. on Monday, October 22 and take immediate possession. Heritage’s final worship service held at the Holiday Inn was October 21, and their first worship service in their new location was October 28. Heritage is looking forward to holding a dedica­tion service and open house during the first week of December, the Lord willing. Pictures of their new building are posted on their website at www.reformedsiouxfalls.org.

A new church building also means many new opportunities to serve Christ and His church. Heritage was looking for volunteers to serve on: Audio, Nursery, Kitchen, Library, and Building and Grounds. Just a reminder to all of us of the many different talents used in the visible body of Christ.

All the ladies of our churches in Iowa and Minnesota were invited to attend their annual Fall Ladies League Meeting, held this year at Calvary PRC in Hull, IA, November 1. Rev. C. Griess, Calvary’s pastor, spoke on the topic, “What is Mormonism?”

Everyone in the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI was invited to their annual Fall Harvest Supper on October 31 at the greenhouses of one of their members. Activities, including hayrides, pumpkin painting, and a slide, began around 5:30 p.m. with dinner fol­lowing.

On Saturday, October 27, the men of Providence PRC, meeting at Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, met at their church property in Jamestown, for an ambitious day of work. The men were needed to help with taking down a cow shed on their property, cutting down some trees, and clearing some fields around their parsonage.

Sister Church Activities

The Council of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI granted the recent request of our Contact Committee to send their pastor, Rev. R. Van Overloop, to labor for three Sundays in our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church. Rev. Van Overloop left on October 18 and returned on November 5. In addition to supplying the pulpit of CERC, Rev. Van Overloop was also scheduled to speak, on Octo­ber 24, on the theme “The Exhortation to be Single,” and again on October 31 on “The Honourable Position of the Single Member.” The general theme of these two speeches was “The Single Member of the Church—Their Hon­our and Holiness.”

Minister Activities

Rev. W. Bruinsma, PRCA mission­ary in Pittsburgh, PA, declined the call extended to him to serve as pastor of Hope PRC in Walker, MI.

Rev. J. Marcus, pastor of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada, declined the call he received to serve as pastor of the Randolph, WI PRC.

Rev. G. Eriks, pastor of the Hud­sonville, MI PRC, declined the call he received from the Faith congregation in Jenison, MI to serve as their next pastor.