At the time of the writing of this article there still is something about the present European war that makes one wonder and creates a feeling of suspicion and doubt.

Whether or not a general European conflict is in the offing is somewhat doubtful.

From the very beginning there was something strange about this war. The bone of contention or, at least, the immediate occasion of the outbreak of the war was Poland. Germany demanded Danzig and a passage through the “Corridor.” Poland refused. She formed an alliance with England and France, who encouraged her in her stand against the demands of the German Government and promised to help her if war should be the result. Yet, Poland took a firm stand, defended itself desperately, and is already crushed and partitioned between Russia and Germany, and her friends and helpers have been little more than passive lookers-on!

At the time of this writing there is peace talk in the air. All seem to be expecting that in the near future the German Government will make peace proposals to the Allies. Whether these proposals will actually be forthcoming and what they will demand or offer as the price of peace, is not known as yet.

And again there is something of what appears on the surface of European diplomacy in this matter that seems suspicious to say the least. The Allies, particularly England, assure the world in the strongest terms that they are in the fight till the finish, that the issue at stake was not really Poland at all but aggressive Nazism, and that they cannot consider peace proposals until “Hitlerism” is crushed. And if they are serious in these alleged intentions the end is not yet, and we may, indeed, expect a very bloody struggle in Europe. But the strange feature of it is, that while they publish these positive and strong statements to all the world, they are, nevertheless, still refraining from any serious attempt to commence actual warfare. All is comparatively quiet on the Western front. And although they virtually reject the German peace proposals before they have been offered, they create the impression that they are, nevertheless, rather eagerly expecting them.

This whole situation may have been changed, of course, by the time our Standard Bearer reaches its readers.

But at the present time one cannot help but wonder.

In the meantime the Standard Bearer would warn its readers to keep an attitude of neutrality. I am personally convinced that with regard to the present conflict in Europe it is possible for American citizens not only to assume a neutral attitude outwardly, but to be truly neutral in their minds. What is there in the present conflict that would compel an outsider to sympathize either with the one side or with the other? Surely, in general one may find the cause of the present conflict and of the late war-talk and war-nervousness in the Old World in the Treaty of Versailles. And it would seem that no American could become very enthusiastic about that treaty, whether it be maintained or destroyed. There certainly cannot be sympathy for Hitlerism, especially with the American Christian, when one bears in mind the antichristian philosophy and activities of the German Fuhrer. On the other hand, however, one can hardly become very war-zealous about Poland’s rejection of the German demands of Danzig and a passage through the “corridor” to East Prussia. And I hardly feel as if England has the moral right and position to preach a sermon to Germany on the Eighth Commandment, or for that matter, on the Sixth or the Ninth. And, therefore, it would appear that neither side could make a strong appeal to American sympathy and that it would not be impossible to remain neutral even in our mental attitude and sentiments.

And undersigned belongs to those that are of the opinion that, whatever happens in Europe, our own country should stay out of this war!

If the enemy attacks our shores it will be a different matter. In that case we will feel it our God-assigned duty to fight in self-defense. And for this we should be fully prepared, armed to the teeth.

But never again should our boys be allowed to cross the ocean to fight Europe’s battles!

And if we are to remain neutral it is quite essential that we close our minds (if it were possible it were better to close our ears) and fortify them strongly against all kinds of insidious propaganda that is even now in the air (literally and in the figurative sense) and that is calculated to draw us into the war.

To this propaganda belongs the constant talk about a “world-war.” Let us insist that this is as yet not a world war, but simply a European conflict, such as have ravaged the Old World repeatedly in the past. The psychological effect of constantly saying “world-war” is that we become accustomed to the notion, and before we know it we will be ready to make it a world-war.

To this propaganda belongs, too, the pernicious statement that it is impossible for our country to keep out of war under the present world-conditions and international relations. Perhaps, this is what the moth repeats to itself when it flutters about the flame, till it drops into it.

And above all to this belongs the story that this is not a war between some European nations, but one between “Demoncracy” and “Totalitarianism.” Let us remember that this was the slogan that fooled us into the war in 1917! The world was to be made safe for Democracy! At any rate, if it must become a war between “Democracy” and “Nazism” or any other “ism,” let us wait till our “democracy” is attacked by that “ism.” But let us not be deceived again into sacrificing the blood of thousands of our men to European interests and the interests of those among us who would not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of American youth to Mammon!

And in the meantime, whatever betide, let us, as children of God, have peace in God!

We know that even war is ultimately of Him. The “Red Horse” takes its course according to His will and direction.

And through it all He accomplishes His purpose and causes His Kingdom to come!

This conviction affords us consolation and peace.

The peace that passes all understanding!