Mixed Seed And A Fixed Crop

There are no female angels. 

Neither are there baby angels. 

The mind of man under the power of sin likes to run wild in its imagination, and refuses to listen to the Word of God. And then men speak of “cherubs” or baby angels, and draw pictures of them to try to express what these creatures look like, while admitting that they never saw one. 

The word of Jesus in Matthew 22:23 ff. in answer to the fault-finding Sadducees, who tried to trap Him, should suffice. For to them He said, “Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven” There is no marriage in the angel world. The word angel in Scripture is always a masculine noun. And there are then no angel fathers and mothers, and certainly no baby angels. All were created in the beginning, and not one angel has been born. 

The fact, then, that they neither marry nor are given in marriage takes away any ground for the contention that, when we read in Genesis 6:1, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and that they took them wives of them, angels had intercourse with women and produced some super race. It may be granted, however, that angels are called sons of God, and that verse 4 indicates that when the sons of God did take them wives, and went in unto them, the result was that giants were born, and mighty men, men of renown. 

The angels are spiritual beings and no such intercourse is possible. Nor is such an interpretation necessary to explain giants and mighty men, which were of old, men of renown. Goliath and his brother were giants, and that from a conception that occurred without any angel’s efforts, and without anything that such an angel supplied. David was a mighty man, born of two very ordinary human parents. And Nimrod was a man of renown whose earthly, human father is mentioned by name. 

It is true that in Job 1:6 we read of the angels coming before God and of being called the sons of God. It is also true that Satan was there. And the theory is that these sons of God were fallen, corrupt angels who were no longer in heaven but on the earth. However, the believers also are, both in the Old and New Testament, called the sons of God, As a point of connection we have in Luke 3:38 the genealogy of Christ traced down to Adam, who is then literally called the son of God. Israel is called God’s son in Exodus 4:23. Christ, according to His human nature, is called God’s Son in Psalm 2:7. It is implied in Isaiah 64:8 when Isaiah cries, “But now, O Lord, thou art our Father.” 

The idea, then, in Genesis 6:1-4 is that the descendants of Adam and Shem, the seed of the woman, coming more and more in contact with the descendants of Cain, the seed of the serpent, began to seek their wives from Cain’s unbelieving daughters and looked for a pretty face, rather than for a pure heart, for a nice figure instead of a vibrant faith. The seed of those born in the covenant community, that had stayed by the entrance to paradise, began to mix with the seed of those born outside that sphere in Cain’s city of Enoch. A mixed seed appeared, that at once meant that a fixed crop of sin would soon be brought forth and reveal itself. 

It is not so strange that such a mixed marriage of believer and unbeliever took place already at that early stage of the history of God’s Church. All are conceived and born in sin. All are the “corrupt offspring” which the “corrupt stock” (of which the Canons of Dordrecht speak in Heads Three and Four, article 2) brings forth. The sons of God, the children in the covenant sphere also had their flesh. And a rebirth does not take away the old nature. It adds a new, nature which fights against the old. The rebirth is not the death of the old man of sin. 

The trouble is that the sons of God did not fight that old nature but instead let it rule them in the selection of their wives. This does not simply happen in the world. David was afflicted with it. It became the downfall of such a wise man as Solomon. And rather than. to be surprised that this happened so quickly after the fall of man, and in spite of the presence of Enoch and his fiery preaching, we could be surprised that it did not happen sooner. That old nature is so wicked! And that power of sin within us is so strong! But for the grace of God we, too, would mix more rapidly than we do with the false church and with the world. We mix enough, or rather far too much, because no mixture ought to be there at all. We ought to be a separate people, and come out from among the wicked world. And the outcome for us likewise, when there is mixed seed, will only be the fixed crop of sin. The children of such an union, except for the grace of God, are going to follow the example of the parent of unbelief, and go the way of the line of least resistance. 

Let our young people, our covenant young people, understand that a pretty face can hide a very evil heart. A fair complexion can distract from a heart filled with contempt for and hatred against God. A fair countenance, and nothing more, means to the serious, believing child of God that to marry such means anything but fair weather ahead. 

Marry simply for looks, and you will have plenty of time to look the other way and elsewhere when the beauty, which is often not even skin deep and comes out of a bottle, can no longer be produced, when the wrinkles cannot be covered, and the inner hatred against God and His cause come so clearly to the surface. Adding a drop of ink to the water does not improve the ink, but it does spoil the water. Introducing an unbeliever into one’s life as life’s companion will not benefit that unbeliever, but it will do havoc to the life of the believer, except in those rare cases where God is pleased to work His grace, and to bring that unbeliever to the faith. But when we deliberately mix in our marriages with the unbelievers, we cannot expect, and have no promise from God, that He will come with His grace to realize a conversion. We can instead heed the Word of God which says that what a man sows, that will he reap. And a mixed marriage with an unbeliever sets us on the course of a fixed crop, a crop of sin that is inevitable, when our children are the result of ourfleshly choice of a husband or wife, and the flesh of that unbeliever. Even when believer and believer marry, they bring forth nothing but enemies of God. How then can we expect that, when a believer marries an unbeliever, he is in God’s way and can expect Him to perform the work of His grace to give him, children that have the new life from above? 

Let it be clearly understood, and let it be borne in mind that no matter how sweet the world may behave before us, no matter how lovely they may talk in our presence, no matter, how beautiful they may be .according to the standards of the judgment of our flesh, THEY ARE ENEMIES OF GOD! And being a child of God he or she is your enemy too. He or she may love you with a fleshly love, but he or she hates you as a child of God. And it inevitably will be that your new man in Christ will be assaulted day by day by the evils that the unbelieving partner delights in and seeks. 

How different are the words of the psalmist when inPsalm 119:63 he writes, “I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.” Is that really true in our lives? Is that true of our covenant seed? Or are the giants of the world, the men of renown, those the world praises, whose exploits are extolled by the ungodly? How wonderful it would be if our children would look to the giants of faith that God raises up from time to time in the Church, and would covet their zeal and spirituality. How encouraging and comforting it would be to see them seek companions only of those that fear God and keep His precepts. 

Instead, as history repeats itself, the sons of God today are looking to the world—and striving to make themselves look like the world. The men of renown of the world they know. The men of faith are strangers to them. They would find it difficult to list even half of Jesus’ disciples, tell you the names of the books of the Bible—or even of only the New Testament books. The giants of sports, the “big” men and women of Hollywood, of the whole world of entertainment on radio, television and eight-track cassette players in their cars they know, and are thrilled by them! The revolutionists of our day they know; the Reformers of days gone by are strangers to them. The sinners they know by name, the saints they recall with a sense of shame. The fellowship of the worldly they seek, of the saints and their spiritual victories by God’s grace they find it hard to speak. 

And history repeats itself because spiritually mankind is not changed. Surely he is not changed for the better in spite of theories of “common grace”—which in this day certainly is shown to fail utterly to improve mankind and restrain sin “in the life of the individual and in the community . . . . by the general operation of His Spirit, without renewing the heart of man” and so “restrains the unimpeded breaking out of sin, by which human life in society remains possible”—and in spite of all the efforts of men to curb the constant rise of crime. Law enforcement agencies just cannot change the nature of man. And the seed of sin sown in Paradise, transmitted and transferred into every descendant of Adam and Eve, brings forth a continuous and fixed crop of sin. As man, without a change in his nature from a spiritual, ethical point of view, grows in knowledge and natural wisdom, he develops in sin, and not in righteousness. Under the power of the lie he “learns” only how to seek more effectively to escape the curse without the cross. And his wisdom is shown to be folly. 

With the advent of the printing press, the camera, radio and television, the ungodly are able to show their ungodly deed which they have ungodly committed to a wider and ever widening audience of eager watchers, readers and observers. Time marches on, the saying is. But sin marches on with it. And when the covenant community, the church sphere, joins with the world to march along with that world and keep in step with it, we are rushing to another visitation like that of the flood. Only this time it will be a visitation by fire! 

The plain teaching of these first four verses of Genesis 6is that the sons of God and the daughters of men—and that means also, the daughters of God and the sons of men—must not mix in marriage. There must be an antithetical life exercised in the church. Mix and you will get into an awful fix! Mix and you set out on a way of sin against the living God; you begin to sow the seeds of an evil crop to follow. And it is only, as we said before, the mercy of God that rights the wrong we do, and brings a Ruth to Canaan, and Timothy to the side of Paul.

It is only because THE Son of God set His face steadfastly in God’s way, separated Himself completely from the sinful pleasures of the world and refused to seek the friendship of the sons of man, that we have the harvest of righteousness and good works, and that we now in God’s grace are virgins for Christ’s sake and presently enjoy the wonder of being His royal bride.