It is now some, nine months ago that we started our labors in the Reformed Hope Church of Loveland, Colorado. From time to time we have written of these labors and attempted to give a glimpse of the life of that church. 

At the present time I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan, enjoying a few days with my family. The Lord, willing, I will again have been in Colorado for a couple weeks when this appears in the Standard Bearer. Instead of staying at the Pine Motel I will be living at the Corner of Grant and Third in a two room apartment. However, my mailing address will continue to be Box 363, Loveland, Colorado. 

Our people in Loveland are at the present time looking forward to hearing the Reformed Witness Hour over KLIR, Denver, Colorado, 990 Klc. each Sunday afternoon at 3:30-4:00. Fact is, that our people in Loveland feel it a duty and a privilege to aid in the proclamation of the Reformed truth, and had given a substantial collection as a “gift” for this Radio ministry of the Reformed faith.

Denver is a city of some 600,000 inhabitants. About 2.5 miles to the north west lies the city of Boulder of about 15,000 where the University of Colorado is situated. Approximately 60 miles to the north lies the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and 80 miles to the east is Fort Morgan, Colorado. Notices were run for two weeks in all of these cities in the leading daily papers, such as The Denver Post, etc. And KLIR is also giving us some free advertising on the air. It stands to reason that KLIR has quite a potential audience. 

May the Lord of harvest richly bless this ministry of the Word. May the ministers of the Word, the radio choir and all busy in this work be found faithful in their holy calling, indeed, to be fervent in spirit! And let us remember also this cause of our preaching mission in the world in our prayers. 

It may interest our readers to know that at the present time the Reformed Witness Hour is aired in Sioux Falls South Dakota, Oskaloosa, Iowa, Hammond, Indiana as well as on WFUR, Grand Rapids, Michigan. All told we may under God, broadcast from 5 radio stations at the present time. Truly, here too we may see that the Lord opens the way for us, and gives us the means and the desire to proclaim the faith. And, let it not be forgotten what a good brother told me lately, that there “is no other truth.” Only the Reformed faith can be preached with full assurance as being the preaching of the full counsel of God. 

It is with this conviction in my soul that I boldly and joyfully proclaim the Scriptures according to the Reformed faith. 

Remember me and all of our ministers, that boldness may be given to us thus to preach the Word, never departing from the same!