Minutes of the Convention

In this report of the minutes of our latest Federa­tion Convention the undersigned will confine herself to the business transacted, as the other activities such as speeches, banquet and program numbers will be recorded in this issue of the Standard Bearer by others.

The business sessions were opened in the morning of Thursday, Aug. 22, by the Rev. L. Vermeer, after our President, Homer Kuiper, read Psalm 144 and the Psalter number 371 was sung by the delegates. The roll call was then taken and all societies were repre­sented, including the three new member societies of Creston, Kalamazoo and Roosevelt Park. The minutes of the previous convention were then read by the secre­tary and declared approved by the President when no remarks were registered against them. It was moved to accept the three above mentioned societies as members of our Federation, which motion was ac­cepted.

Mr. A. C. Boerkoel, representing the Men’s League, asked and received the floor and extended the greet­ings of his organization. Upon request of the presi­dent, the Rev. L. Vermeer responded in the name of the Federation, assuring the League of our well wishes and heartiest co-operation in matters wherein the two organizations have joint interests. A motion was also accepted to extend a courtesy vote to all ministers present.

Miss Betty Van Dellen then gave a formal report of t’he constitution committee, which report was accepted for information. It was decided that with the reading of the various articles of the proposed consti­tution, any article or by-law upon which no remarks were made, was automatically accepted. Various art­icles were amended or changed, which need not be reported here, since the constitution as revised and amended will be printed and sent to all societies hold­ing membership in the Federation. We may remark here that a lively and interesting debate centered about the question whether any articles in the constitution should be unalterable or unchangeable, espec­ially as pertaining to the article on the purpose and basis of the Federation. This debate brought to the foreground the question whether or not a fallible body or group of Christians could in the future change an article which positively states “we stand on the infal­lible Word of God”. However it was decided that the one article pertaining to basis and purpose could not be changed. Also the change was approved to elect as President and Vice-president, only those who are mem­bers in full communion in one of our Prot. Ref. Churches. It was decided to eliminate from the by­laws the rule that future conventions be held in the month of August, and instead to have the executive board stipulate the time of future meetings, after con­sulting the societies. Further it was included in the by-laws that: “all officers must retain membership in a Y. P. Society during their tenure of office, otherwise the officer must resign.” After all proposals pertain­ing to the constitution were approved, the constitution as changed and amended, unanimously ratified by the delegates present. The committee chosen to have the constitution printed were Alice Rietsma, Hanna Bloem and John Piersma.

The reports of the Secretary and of the Treasurer were now read and approved. An auditing committee to examine the books was appointed consisting of George Lanting, Jacob Regnerus and Janet Smits. A letter of greetings was received from the Young People’s Society of Manhattan, which was accepted for information. A committee was appointed to study the idea of organizing our Societies into leagues, this committee, which is to report at the next convention, consists of Jennie De Jong, Ann Windemuller and Grace Monsma. During the morning recess coffee was served and tea in the afternoon by the host societies of Fuller Ave. We need not mention that this was enjoyed by all. After recess a proposal was considered and accepted to attempt uniting the Western League with our Federation. The committee appointed to carry out this work consisted of John Piersma, June DeZeeuw, Grace Lubbers, and Walter Hofman.

A proposal of the Fuller Ave. Societies to find a more suitable means of expression for the Federation than is now offered by “Our Church News” was put into the hands of the publication committee of South Holland. A motion to express our thanks to the Fuller Ave. Societies in being our hosts this year was un­animously accepted. Also it was decided to accept as our own, the expression of congratulations to the Rev. H. Hoeksema on the 25th anniversary of his active ministry which appeared in our Souvenir Booklet. Being notified of this expression from the Federation, the Rev. Hoeksema appeared and asked for the floor in order to express his heartiest thanks for this remem­brance and wished the Federation the Lord’s richest blessings.

The election of officers took place as follows: Vice Pres.-Walter Hofman; Treas-John Piersma; Vice Sec’y-Treas.-Alice Rietsma and Advisor the Rev. B. Kok. The President, Secretary and our two advisors will continue another year in office. An invitation of the Fuller Ave. Societies was extended to meet in Grand Rapids again the coming year. This invitation was declined with thanks, upon an invitation coming from Oak Lawn to meet there in 1941. The latter in­vitation was accepted by unanimous vote. Due to the late hour it was decided to leave in the hands of the Executive committee the approval of the concept min­utes. After the motion to adjourn was adopted, the president asked the Rev. L. Vermeer to close the meet­ing with thanksgiving, after which the Doxology was sung.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Van Baren, Sec’y.