Anonymous Mail

I just wanted to write a quick e-mail re your comments re anonymous letters (October 1, 2009, p. 7). I must say that this is sound advice, and one that, by His grace, I will be putting into practice.

I do have one item for thought—there is a form of anonymity today that is very easy in which to participate: usernames. Today, through facebook, twitter, xanga, and a host of seemingly endless avenues of comment, many today participate in routine anonymous commentary, all the while never using their real names, only their username. Many build up quite the on-line persona. The lure, seemingly, is that “well, nobody can really know who I am.” Many bold, and often hurtful, things are said behind this wall of anonymity.

I know that there have been individual articles in the SB re some aspects of the electronic world with which we are faced. It might be interesting to see a series on issues such as this, with comments re our “electronic ethics” as Reformed Christians.

Just a thought.

Lee Finley,

New Philadelphia, OH