Appreciation for the SB on Tape

We receive The Standard Bearer on tape (as well as in written form). The family listens to the tape while they are working. It is easier for the younger children to follow and comprehend the printed article while listening to the tape. We pass on the tapes to an elderly couple whose eye-sight is failing. We really like the way that the articles of the SB are read on the tapes (by Mr. Ken Rietema – DJE). His work is very much appreciated here in Burnie. We also are thankful that we may keep the tapes either for later reference or for loaning them to others who are interested.

(Mr. and Mrs.) N. Kleyn

Burnie, Tasmania


We remind our readers that The Standard Bearer is available on cassette tape from

The Evangelism Society

Southeast Prot. Ref’d. Church

c/o Mr. Ken Rietema 1535 Cambridge Ave. S.E.

Grand Rapids, MI 49506.

Those who have difficulty reading or those who may prefer to listen to the SB on tape, perhaps while driving, are invited to request this regular service from The Evangelism Society of Southeast.

– Ed.

A very big thank you for The Standard Bearer. I look for its coming each fortnight with much expectancy and have profited much through reading its pages during the few years in which I have been a regular reader. I only wish that I could interest some of my friends and persuade them to take out subscriptions too.

Eric F. Sinclair

Dover, Kent, England