Your March 15 issue has me listed as a speaker for the Psalmody Conference which is set for this August. I have no such assignment. Perhaps you would want to find out who does have this assignment and give proper credit for this to your readers.

—(Rev.) Duncan Lowe

Pittsburgh, PA


The confirmed list of speakers at the Psalmody Conference consists of Rev. G.I. Williamson; Rev. Frank J. Smith; Dr. William Young; Rev. David Compton; Dr. Randall T. Ruble; Prof. Herman Hanko; and Dr. Charles J. Butler. The conference is scheduled for August 1-3, 1990 at Flat Rock, North Carolina. Inquiries may be directed to Arthur Lamoureux, 209 Tanner Ave., Warwick, RI 02886-4410 (telephone: 401-739-1699).

—Ed. Congratulations with your interesting article about some aspects of life in beautiful South Africa today (The SB, March 15, 1990, “The Church, Theology, and Violence in South Africa”). That country is a key supplier of resources like manganese, chrome, gold, and diamonds—crucial to Western industry. If it were taken over by the Communists it would really spell disaster.

See what has happened in Communist-conquered territories world wide…. This tyrannical ideology, which began in 1903 with but 17 revolutionaries, took Russia, a nation of 120 million in 1917, with only 40,000 followers. Calculations now are that Communism controls some 1.7 billion people—38% of the world’s population. For these people, the Marxian promise of a worker’s paradise has turned into a nightmare of permanent scarcity, economic stagnation, underground churches and chronic crisis.

That party, in its various guises and in its various countries, has compiled a catalogue of crimes unique in human history.

A partial rendering would include the murder of sixty million people in slave labor camps, prisons, and psychiatric institutions; destruction of thousands of churches; the forgotten Holocaust of the Ukraine; the forced famine of the 1930s; the Hitler-Stalin Pact, with the rape of the Baltic states; the Katyn massacre of the Polish officers; the deception of Yalta; the crushing of the Hungarian Freedom fighters; the war of genocide against the Afghan people; the even greater genocide by Red China; the enslavement of Cambodia, Laos, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

The number of deaths attribute to Communism worldwide since 1917 is estimated to total 180-million.

What cannot be questioned is that in its search for a “New Society,” the creation of a “New Man,” Communist doctrine (including the A.N.C. in South Africa) demands the use of terror, particularly the liquidation of the bourgeoisie and the Bible-believing Christians. As Lenin wrote in 1908, “it is necessary to institute the sort of real, nationwide terror which reinvigorates a country and through which the Great French Revolution achieves glory.”

Always Communism has produced its inevitable and identical fruit. Always the religious, social, political, and economical life of a victim nation has been disfigured beyond recognition.

Despite all the hype and hoopla we now get from the media, there is no change. It is already the fifth time that Moscow has a “perestroika!”

Communist ideology is incapable of producing anything good.

—J.P. deKlerk

Ashhurst, New Zealand