Prof. H.C. Hoeksema
4975 Ivanrest Ave. S.W.
Grandville, Mich. 49418

Dear Prof. Hoeksema:

In my recent article concerning the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, I made certain critical remarks about the moderator of the Assembly, Dr. G. Aiken Taylor, which remarks I feel were out of place. I am speaking specifically of my comments on the way in which Dr. Taylor conducted himself as moderator. I should point out that what I wrote was based on personal feeling. It should be obvious that there is some problem in establishing an objective basis on which to judge arrogance. Others, and I am sure Dr. Taylor, felt that his conduct was appropriate. That I did not, and do not, for whatever reasons, should not have been included. I have, frankly, allowed my strong disagreement with Dr. Taylor in areas of theology to become far too personal and this may have, in fact, distorted my own views of the way in which he handled himself, though I am not prepared to admit that in a total way. I still feel that Dr. Taylor has led the PRESBYTERIAN JOURNAL into positions at odds with Reformed truth. Concerning that, one has only to read for himself and decide on the basis of his own understanding. For the rest, however, the personal remarks were out of place and for them. I herewith apologize to you, your readers, and Dr. Taylor, and ask that this be printed at the earliest possible date in the STANDARD BEARER.


E. C. Case