Biblical Method of Dating

As a teenager who has been faced with the difficulties of worldly dating, I agree with Rev. Dick on his article “Dating and the Deep Blue Sea … and the Way of Christ (2)” (Standard Bearer, April 15). The world’s type of dating is indeed a “voracious” monster that “consumes everything in her path.” The heavy pressure on teens to go along with worldly dating has caused many teens to suffer lifelong scars, and in order to avoid these scars, our churches need to educate teens in the biblical method of dating.

Many teens suffer these lifelong scars because they fail to realize the pitfalls of worldly dating. In my opinion, our churches lack in educating teens on the biblical method of dating. Instead of instructing teens that they should wait to date until they are spiritually mature, teenagers are encouraged to pair up at convention banquets. The age at which our young people pair off today is astonishing, and yet many parents fail to tell their teens when their dating is contrary to the biblical method of dating. Instead of ignoring or even encouraging worldly dating, our churches should teach the biblical method of dating in Young People’s Society and repeatedly preach on the subject. If our churches, parents, and ministers would show teens the biblical method of dating, I strongly believe that many teens would realize the dangers of worldly dating and change their ways.

It is only when teens are shown the error of worldly dating, that they will see the beauty of biblical dating. Instead of pairing off at such a young age, teens should be encouraged to remain single until they have grown in their walk with the Lord and even made a public profession of faith. Although this might entail waiting until they are 18, 19, or 20 to date, the end result of biblical dating will be entirely worth it. If our teens are shown the dangerous errors of worldly dating, they can be saved from lifelong scars and may someday, the Lord willing, have a beautiful marriage that mirrors the marriage of Christ and the church.

Beth DeJong

Lansing, IL