“Alone” Amidst the Onslaught

I must send this communication to you to say THANK YOU for your articles, “A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism” (Standard Bearer, Jan. 1, 1995 — Dec. 15, 1996), which I read on the Internet. After twenty-odd years of being beaten down by those who deride the Reformed faith and use premillennialism, and, sadly, quotations from and references to Spurgeon’s affirmation of premillennialism, in order to denigrate anything that might be termed “Reformed” or “Calvinist,” I have often begun (having stood apparently alone amidst the onslaught for so long) to doubt even my own salvation. How can such a mass-appealing fancy as dispensationalism be wrong and I, all alone, be right? One soon forgets the seven thousand that exist elsewhere, and life in the defense of Reformed doctrines such as amillennial eschatology becomes filled with self-doubt and “black” moods. I was, even this morning, feeling the grip of another bout of melancholy, wanting just to “shut up,” say nothing, and be left alone to let the modern church do whatever it wishes.

While your articles deal with the subject of postmillennialism, they nevertheless have provided me with a wonderful breath of “fresh air,” which I greatly needed at this time.

Philip Livingstone

Innerleithen, Scottish Borders



Seek out some of the seven thousand in the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

The articles to which you refer, with related articles on the error of preterism, have recently been published in book form under the title, Christ’s Spiritual Kingdom: A Defense of Reformed Amillennialism. The book is available from The Reformed Witness, 1307 E. Brockton Ave., Redlands, CA 92374 USA.

— Ed.