Baptists and baptism of infants

Dear [editor],

I refer to the Standard Bearer of February 1, 2022.  Steven Key, in his mediation, is in error in stating  that Baptists only baptize adult believers. We (I attend  a Gospel Standard Strict and Particular Baptist chapel  here in the UK) baptize believers of any age (though  not infants, as they are unable to believe)—some aged  9 and early teenagers who have experienced salvation  through the atoning work of Christ at Calvary. So not  only adults, as Steven states. Perhaps he should check  before rushing into print!

We have GSS&P churches in the USA, Canada, and  Australia.

Best regards and may you continue to experience the  Lord’s blessing in your editorial work and beyond.

Lance Y. Morley  Great Britain

Rev. Key’s response:

Dear Mr. Morley,

I stand corrected. However, there is something far  more serious than my inaccuracy. By your own admission,  your view of baptism depends on having “experienced  salvation through the atoning work of Christ.”  So you might baptize some as young as 9 years of age,  but you deny infants the sacrament of baptism “as they  are unable to believe.” That is a direct contradiction  of the teaching of the text, and indeed of the place the  Bible gives infants in the covenant of grace. Little children,  even infants in Christ’s church, have a wonderful  place, being loved by God Himself and being forgiven  because of their union with Christ. “Suffer the little  children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of  such is the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:14).

In Christ’s love,  Pastor Steven Key