Aussie Appreciation

In response to your editorial, “Promoting the Reformed Faith in Australia” (Standard Bearer, January 15, 1992), I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks. Moreover, I am sure that our church in Australia rejoices with me and adds her collective voice of thankfulness.

The spirit in which the editorial was written and the thoughts that were expressed in it are characteristic of the love and concern we have received since arriving in America last September. The care and hospitality we have received have been remarkable. Having to establish a home, virtually from scratch, was made so much easier with the help and support of newly found friends. Encouraging words, genuine interest, and the formation of friendships have made settling into a new country far less traumatic for us.

Our spiritual home, while we are here, is Hope Protestant Reformed Church. Here we have been made to feel very welcome, so that we can truly call it “our home.”

Studies at the Seminary have been demanding, but such a great blessing. The truths of the Word, which we all hold to be so precious, are taught there powerfully, uncompromisingly, and vibrantly. Already, I firmly believe, it has been worthwhile coming over to your country, though we have really only just begun our studies!

For all of these things, and many more which are not possible to list in this letter, I wish to thank the PRC and her members. These are practical consequences of the fellowship of the saints which my wife, my children, and I will never forget, and which we will always cherish and hold dear.

David Higgs,

Wyoming, MI