Silence concerning Murray on Wesley in the UK

I am a subscriber to the Standard Bearer. I find constant encouragement and support from the magazine, as also from the literature put out by the fellowship in Ballymena, Northern Ireland and from the books published by the RFPA.

In the south of England, where I live and work, there is a scarcity of Reformed church life, although I am not disparaging the small fellowships with whom I huddle for comfort in this evil day.

My letter concerns the editorial on Iain Murray’s book about John Wesley, “Wesley and Murray, Who Follows” (SB, Dec. 15, 2003).

Having heard of the impending publication of the book, I wrote to Mr. Murray before he went to press. I mentioned to him the serious criticisms of Wesley’s theology as un-Reformed by A.M. Toplady, J. Mclean, and others. Murray dismissed my enquiries and told me to comment after I read the book.

Having read the book, I began to prepare a reply. Then I read your editorial. Praise the Lord for such a sound, truthful, and articulate response to Murray’s book.

Has Murray responded to your critique?

I am going to send the issue of the SB containing your editorial to the Protestant Alliance based in Bedford, England. It ran an article in the vein of Iain Murray to mark the 300th anniversary of the Wesleys.

It is amazing to me that, so far as I know, no one in Reformed circles in the United Kingdom has responded to Murray’s book as you have.

Once again, the Protestant Reformed Churches have proved to be the churches standing firm in this godless age of apostasy and abounding error.

Jim Scoales

Portsmouth, England UK